7 Types of Bad Kissers That Are a Waste of Good Lip Gloss (PHOTOS)

I like to pretend that there's no such thing as a bad kisser -- only one that hasn't found someone that enjoys their particular style yet. Oh who am I kidding? There are some really lousy kissers out there. What's the saying? You have to kiss a lot of frogs to find your prince?

Well, there are't just frogs with cold, wet lips out there. There are lots of kinds of bad kissers, and they can all be described by a different species in the animal kingdom.


If you find that your style is eerily similar to one of these descriptions, have no fear. Just knock it off and try to do better. Or, you know, find someone that wants to have their face sucked off. To each their own.

What was your worst kiss like?


Image via Chris Coomber/Flickr

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nonmember avatar SickOfJennyE

Yet another post not covering the disgusting tweets of Todd Kincannon. If you had any decency you would be railing against this man. He should be an embarrassment to your party. I bet if he tweeted that Sarah Palin went through Law School on her knees or did coke or was a whore, you would be flipping out.

nonmember avatar ago

Whoever keeps posting this crap to comments needs to stop and get a life. I pity you. You seem tolive just to put mean hateful comments on here. Jenny don't listen to this loser. Regardless of how anyone feels about your posts/beliefs/opinions it's ridiculous and cowardly to post hateful comments anonymously here.

nonmember avatar mr.Gru

Jenny keeps embarrassing herself, what with all these candid personal revelations that are thinly veiled as "articles." I think this particular literary gem is Jenny telling us that after she dumped her decent hubbs "Leif", shes now sampling the candy store of kissers out there. Tune in one month from now to hear Jenny discuss different types of condoms.

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