9 Surefire Ways to Check if Your Husband Is Cheating

suspicious wifeWhen a woman suspects her man of cheating, there are certain go-to tactics she employs to get to the bottom of it. She might check phone records, look at credit card receipts, and call his office to keep tabs on him. But in this day and age, a suspicious wife has to be more creative and inventive than that to catch an unfaithful man. The Stir has asked real women to weigh in on just how to do that. Check out the best ways to catch a sneaky cheater in the act.

  1. A very good trick is to send him an email from a woman; make up any vague name, like Anna, and be all, "Hi, do you remember me?" See if he responds. Then keep emailing until you find out if he's flirting/sending sexual stuff.
  2. Buy a nanny-cam (even if you don't have kids or your kids are too old for one). Just don't tell him about it.
  3. Check-ins on Foursquare ("I thought you were working late, but you were at a bar!").
  4. Befriend your mailman. Why? They see who your husband may be sneaking into your house when you are not home in the middle of the day.
  5. Search Craigslist Casual Sex section with key descriptors of your husband, especially if he does something he's proud of, like a doctor or lawyer. Or if you know he likes certain types of women like "artistic" or "Russian." Usually these guys are dumb enough to post a photo of themselves and give their real general location. Make sure to check M4M as well as M4W!
  6. Know all his email accounts. Especially if he has one he uses less.
  7. Can't figure out his clandestine meeting spot? Consider the great outdoors. I know someone who once caught their husband and his mistress making out in a park.
  8. Check bank statements online; note big debits. He could be spending that cash at romantic restaurants or buying gifts without leaving a paper trail.
  9. If you met him though an online dating site, check to see if his profile is still up. If it is, it usually says when he most recently logged in.

Do you have other suggestions for catching your cheating man in the act?


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Krystian Kaufold


I do this just because me and my husband have a very strong relationship. 

If you need to do this, then you have issues....and my husband has several emails that he barely uses, and they are all just JUNK, 100% JUNK.

hello... hellokd87

I think those seem paranoid & overdoing it a bit. If you can't trust your man, trust your gut. You'll know deep down if he really is cheating on you.

Momma... MommaCady

If you feel like you have to do all that than maybe you are the problem.

mandy... mandysue88

Or just ask him.....shouldn't be that difficult you know what your spouse looks like when they lie or atleast you should. Honesty and being straight frward about your concerns is the best way to get to the bottom of your insecurities. If you gotta make fake profiles and catfish your own husband then there is a problem and it may not be him!

MrsLa... MrsLandon2012

It's called trust. If you can't have trust, you don't have much of a relationship. If you suspect something is up, why not try talking to your spouse before snooping through everything, or even worse, manipulating him? Goodness.

Keri Day

If you find it necessary to do all this then you probably don't need to be in a relationship. I thought I had insecurity issues, geez.

nonmember avatar Stacy

What ask him if he's cheating? Unless he is plagued with debilitating guilt or leaving you for the other woman, he will take that information to the grave. It's called cheating for a reason, because they lie so the spouse will not find out. Trust is broken the moment you catch them in a lie, or just knowing they are hiding something, especially when you know them inside and out. BTW...insecurity? When you get that gut feeling and just know when something is not right and he all of a sudden wants to use condoms after 13 years of marriage? Red Flag! Insecurity becomes apart of the territory. I'd much rather be a distrustful, insecure, snoop when I feel something is wrong, than to find out unexpectedly that I contracted a STD from my husband because I brushed his behavior under the rug. Surely he loved me enough not to cheat! Some men don't, but mine sure as hell did, and I do not regret taking every measure necessary to catch him. Who knows how long it would have went on, had I chose to believe him.

nonmember avatar Melissa

Dont trust nothing. If you feel that you have to check up on

Him then he must be doing something wrong. Every thing

Happens for a reason.

nonmember avatar Connie

Stacey, I assume you are still with your husband. How do you deal with knowing that he cheated? I found that my husband had an account on a local dating site. I reacted before thinking. I wish I had created a fake account, but my friend said I shouldn't. I went through our phone records found where he has been calling and texting a married woman who cheated on first husband. My husband lied about the texts said she only contacted him and it was for work. BS I called her she read the last text he sent asking what she was doing for the day? I'm sure she lied about what the text really said. I'm just sick.

Lisa Rooker

I became suspicious of my husband cheating on Mother's Day this year after he received a text from some woman. After I asked about it, the text history and all his phone history "mysteriously" vanished. He told me she was just and old friend, but my gut said otherwise so I contacted this woman and found out they had dated right before my husband and I got together. According to her, he was the one calling her and texting her. I confronted him and he lied to me about everything saying she was lying. I made him call her and talk to her on speakerphone. She is no longer in the picture and I have no trust for my husband now. Cheating causes pain that no one should have to go through. I have 5 children with my husband, they no nothing about what happened, so we stayed together for them. Even though we are still together, just looking at him makes my heart hurt. Knowing he didn't love me or the kids enough to stay faithful.

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