Mom Whose Husband Wants to Move to Mars Should Just Divorce Him Now

There's the type who always thinks the grass is greener on the other side of the fence. Then there are those who think the planet is redder on the other side of Earth. That would be someone like Utah's Ken Sullivan, husband and father of four who wants to pack up, leave his family, and move to ... Mars?! Ken, who has been married to Becky for over five years, and who has four kids ranging in age from 6 months to 13 years, has been selected from a group of 200,000 applicants to be one of the people who might be sent to live on Mars. Oh, and this is no round-trip ticket. Once you're on Mars, you stay on Mars. Which would mean never seeing Becky and the children again.

Ken's trip to Mars isn't guaranteed -- he's still one of 1,058 people who will be whittled down to 24 for the planned rehoming to the Red Planet, which probably won't take place until 2024. By then, two of his kids will be grown. But the youngest will be only 10 and 13, when having a dad around might be a nice thing.

Ken told the Salt Lake Tribune:

I just hope the family will be able to forgive me down the road. Hopefully there isn't too much hatred of my being selfish in pursuing a dream that isn’t theirs.

Ermkay. As for Becky, her main concern is whether to get a divorce now or later. "He didn’t ask my opinion," she says of Ken's planned trip. Yikes! Moving to Mars might be something you'd want to, you know, run by your spouse first. Just a thought.

As for why Ken wants to live on a planet that doesn't have any Starbucks, gyms, restaurants, movie theaters, or, you know, oxygen, Ken says:

My desire to explore and the opportunity to do something no one has ever done before, and making a name for myself, would be nice to do.

Oh, okay. That explains everything.

I've met a lot of dudes like Ken. They're always convinced the answer is right around the corner. Whether it's another city, another job, or another woman, if only they could find that something, then they'd miraculously be at peace and experience eternal happiness and fulfillment. In this case, it's another planet.

But you know the old saying: Wherever you go, there you are.

Becky says, "What's worse than Mars?" but it sounds like if Mars doesn't pan out, Ken will find some other crazy idea to latch onto. This doesn't exactly sound like a guy who is all that committed to his family.

Would you divorce him?


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NoWei NoWei

Guy in Utah can burn through two marriages but law abiding gay couples in Utah can't have one marriage. That's traditional marriage for ya.

nonmember avatar hc.conn

I understand his feelings, it is the same feeling that led expeditions to the North Pole, to the top of Mount Everest, to the deepest jungles and oceans and caves, to the moon. You wouldn't say these things about Niel Armstrong but he had a wife and there was a very high chance he wouldn't make it back. My husband and I have loved each other since we were 15, we have been together 10 years, we have 2 wonderful children, and yet he still sometimes leaves for months or over a year at a time when he is training or deployed. He may die by placing himself purposly in danger, we would never see him again but that doesn't mean he doesn't love us.

I understand this man's need to be part of such amazing scientific progress, to take part in exploring one of the last great unknowns. It's not the decision I'd make and I would divorce him as well but I do think you charicterize him unfairly.

funmo... funmommy123

I'd be so freaking lissed if dh decided to go live on mars! Why not divorce him? It's not like I'll ever get to see him again, since it's not a round trip. I think this guy is not committed to his family at all. While reading this I kept thinkingn "he wants to get away from his wife," lol.

the3Rs the3Rs

I would give just about anything to be on the that expedition and my family knows it.  My kids even said to go for it, LOL.  And by 2024 my kids will be 16, 20, 24.  But as much as this IS a dream of much as I will so very much miss NOT following it...I wouldn't leave my family behind because I'd miss them more.  Now if they could come WITH me....that would be awesome, LOL :)

Reh2002 Reh2002

Rather, why does he think he has to go all the way to Mars to get away from her?

Kediset Kediset

I prefer the blue skies of Neptune... too bad it's unlivable. and doesn't even have a solid surface...

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