Stevie Nicks Marries Couple In Coolest Wedding Ceremony Ever (PHOTO)

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stevie nicks vanessa carlton weddingPeople get married and some go to church or city hall or they hire a wedding officiant to perform the ceremony. Some aren't concerned with who is facilitating the union, but to others it's a major important decision. So when I heard that singer Vanessa Carlton had Stevie Nicks officiate her wedding ceremony to musician John McCauley of the band Deer Tick, I thought THIS IS THE COOLEST WEDDING EVER.

I mean, it's STEVIE NICKS! Yes, I'm shouting! Quiet now. It's Stevie Nicks. Queen of the mystical. Ribbons and scarves dance around her. She is the crystal, the velvet, the lace, soft like suede. The enchantress. And she married people!

Stevie Nicks is magic. Obviously Vanessa and John are in love and said their sweet vows to each other and that is the amazingly beautiful part, but it's punctuated big time by the fact that the person who made this union official is Stevie Nicks.

If given the choice of anyone on this planet who I thought would be the perfect Minister ... Ministress ... Priestess ... I would say Stevie. Hands down. After Stevie, I'd say me. Because I'm also a wedding officiant and I love marrying people. But Stevie ... she's Stevie. Maybe she could sing some parts of Leather and Lace.

Still I carry this feeling when you walked into my house that you won't be walking out the door. Lovers forever. Face to face. My city or mountains. Stay with me stay. I need you to love me I need you today. Give to me your leather take from me my lace.

Oh my heart! Love this!

Who would be your ideal person to officiate your wedding ceremony? If you are married already, who officiated yours?


Image via Vanessa Carlton/Twitter

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RiotP... RiotPixie

My sister's getting married next Thanksgiving and would die to have Stevie Nicks officiate. She is Stevie's biggest fan.

Jennifer Waters

We did have a friend officiate our wedding which was lovely. When my husband and I renew, it would be an absolute dream come true. I have loved the rock goddess for all of my life. Her music is the soundtrack to my soul. There would be nothing more meaningful to me than strengthening the bond to my husband and our life together than to have my idol officiate. Wow. Amazing.

nekoy... nekoyukidoll

i would love to have Laurie Cabot do my handfasting.

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