Bruce Jenner May Be Having a Sex Change Which Explains That Adam's Apple Thing

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Bruce JennerSo remember when Bruce Jenner came out and said he wanted his Adam's apple smoothed out with a tracheal shave, and we were all like, Oh, well, let the poor man do whatever the hell he wants to do, he was married to Kris Jenner for 22 years? But still, it seemed a strange thing to suddenly decide you were unhappy with after 64 years? Apparently there is more to the story than a guy unhappy with the bulge in his neck. According to Star magazine, the whole thing is merely part of Bruce's desire to transform ... into a woman. And supposedly he wants a lot more than his Adam's apple shaved down ... if you catch my drift.

According to the latest issue of Star, when Bruce consulted with a doctor about getting his Adam's apple made smaller, there was something else he also wanted to disappear ...

His penis.

Hey, I'm just quoting Star. A source tells the mag:

While at the appointment, Bruce also mentioned that he was interested in having his penis removed.

Star has reported in the past that Bruce and Kris's main reason for separating was Bruce's long-standing desire to become a woman.

Well, I'm not going to speculate on whether any of this is remotely true, but remember that Star wasn't wrong about Lamar Odom's drug problems and cheating -- at the time they first reported that stuff, no one believed it, and now look. Khloe and Lamar are totally dunzo.

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It was also Star that reported a year ago that Bruce's ex-wife claimed he liked to cross-dress.

Some more potential evidence? A plastic surgeon tells the National Enquirer that he has never, in his 40 years of performing tracheal surgery, had any man want it who wasn't "transgendering." Well, there's always a first time?

RadarOnline helpfully points out:

After years of surgery feminizing his features, Bruce has grown his hair out into a long ponytail, tweezed his eyebrows, and started wearing earrings and lip gloss.

I tell you. Marriage. One minute you're falling in love with an Olympian athelete and having two children with him, the next, he's stealing your makeup and jewelry.

Star magazine claims the Jenner/Kardashian family, while supportive, are a tad shocked that he wants to go through with surgery. Well, he can always just deny it, right? "Hey, I've always looked like a woman!"

For the record, Bruce has also denied that his Adam's apple shave is the first step to becoming a woman. He says he just didn't like his trachea.

Mmm. Hmmmmmm.

Do you think Bruce really wants to become a woman?

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adamat34 adamat34

This is such a stupid this what we are


You have now hit your bottom Kiri. If someone is transgendered so be it ,but you went full on bitch mode here, and given your past with your ex, I would expect a little more decorum with subjects such as this,be it true or not.

nonmember avatar Erin

This is seriously disrespectful to transgendered people. Period. If you don't understand trans issues, that's ok but to write a flat out ignorant-ass article like this is demeaning: to trans people, to this site and to the readers like me who lost brain cells reading this.

crunc... crunchymomma87

it is early.... maybe I missed the part that is sending people up in arms. Did you really expect world breaking news on a "GOSSIPMONGER" opinion piece? Did we even read he same article? GOSSIP is not a classy topic, known to make people uncomfortable or hurt feelings. I'm just not sure what the big deal is? She wasn't making fun of transgender people, who so much outrage? Is the notion shocking that someone who spent the last how-ever many years in front of a camera as the male patriach of a family change genders? Fairly to me, and I don't watch their show.

Why must the comment bitches keep bringing up writers ex's and marriages. I hope someone one day finds out the smallest thing about your life and brings it up after EVERY comment you make.... You're just as rude and disrepectful as you think the writer is.

tiafez tiafez

well I don't know the writer's past or anything about their exes so I can make my comment with clear mind. 

so what if he wants a sex change, a new face, or a shaved down any man thing? I wouldn't be so quick as to say that's the reason they're divorcing though. Seems Ms Kris has some serious personality flaws herself and is no joy to exist with. Plus Star also said she was known to hook up with men who aren't Bruce. Big difference between knowing you aren't who you feel you are inside and going off to sex it up with men while married to another. 

who cares if he wants to do this? good for him!

nonmember avatar Bambam

"Well, I'm not going to speculate on whether any of this is remotely true"

I fail to understand this statement, as you are absolutely doing that. Who cares what he does, and why is this site so obsessed with the Kardashians?

Baile... Bailey8307

I don't think that plucking his eyebrows and wearing lip gloss is evidence that he wants to be a woman.. He's on tv and I'm pretty sure all men in Hollywood do a little plucking. It was obvious that Kanye was wearing lip gloss in those photo booth pics so is he getting a sex change too? If the man says he's not then he's not or he's not willing to reveal it yet. Let the poor guy be!

NoWei NoWei

The Star has as much credibility as Kiri, which is basically none. 

BPayne09 BPayne09

Star magazine lololol

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