10 Things Guys Say That Make Girls Feel Unsexy

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We all have those days when we just feel like a total slouch, unkempt and unsexy as all get out. And then are times when we kind of feel like we’re rocking it a little, and would really appreciate a nice compliment.

It doesn’t matter what state you’re in, sometimes your man will say something that makes you feel downright unsexy. From an innocent comment taken the wrong way to the deliberately hurtful, words have power, man, and sometimes they make us think, wow, it’s almost like you don’t want to get lucky tonight.

Here are 10 things guys say that make us ladies cringe:

  1. You look just like your mother: Unless my last name is Jolie-Pitt, I don’t want to hear it.
  2. You look just like my mother: Even worse. Can we say mommy issues?
  3. No time for a shower today? No, but thanks for noticing my greasy hair and pit stains. So nice of you to pay attention.
  4. I need to drop the kids off at the pool: OK, everybody poops. I don’t want to hear about it, mmmkay? Especially if you're going to use crass euphemisms in which you equate your turds to children and the toilet to a fun summer hangout.
  5. Brrrrrrrrp! I know your frat bros were really impressed with your ability to belch the alphabet. Us ladies, not so much.
  6. What did you do all day? I didn’t work out or put makeup on, if that’s what you’re asking.
  7. The laundry needs doing: You know what is actually sexy? Doing the laundry yourself if you notice it piling up. Please don’t forget to switch it to the dryer.
  8. Let me tell you what I think: Wasn’t asking for your opinion, bud. Unless your advice is explicitly asked for, keep it to yourself.
  9. My ex used to [fill in the blank]: We know you had a life before we came into the picture. We don’t like being compared to anyone in your past. Or hearing about her.
  10. Hold on, I need to take this call: Save this one for when you really, really need to take the call. It is not sexy to feel sidelined when we’re spending time together.

What has your man said that made you feel about as sexy as a banana slug?

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Happy... Happydad73

Maybe if you tried to be sexy your man wouldn't say stuff like that, mkay?

Chris Bechtloff

"7. The laundry needs doing: You know what is actually sexy? Doing the laundry yourself if you notice it piling up. Please don’t forget to switch it to the dryer."


Yeah, because helping out with chores worked out so well for your beta ex hubby who you got bored with.


#8: I don't know what kind of relationship you have,but,whats wrong with listening to what he thinks? I'm sure he has to listen to what you think all the time, probably even about this list.Two way street babe,two way street.

CrazyAZ CrazyAZ

Oh the burping! Ick. And not to mention, what a terrible example to set for the children. And binding buy the excuse that it's uncontrollable. Really? Somehow I manage to digest food without audible belching at the dinner table.

nonmember avatar Bg

One time, my bf asked me if I had gained weight during a convo we were have with some friends. Another time, I was wearing a skirt and my shirt was tucked in an he said "you have a pouch.... Have you thought about losin weight?" and kept looking at my stomach.
So not cool. Definitely made me feel unsexy and self-conscious. I didn't speak to him for a whil

nonmember avatar a dude

had an ex who used to say ALOT worse then all of these to me.Dudes have feelings too ya know--imagine that.Anyone who cannot be open,honest,transparent and kind,please get the f##k out of the dating world--thx.

linzemae linzemae

I currently have 2 whopping huge zits. My hub was cleaning yesterday and asked if I needed disinfectant. I said yes and motioned at my face. He goes "yea, you start using a new face wash or something?" Thanks honey....

Happy... Happydad73

And yet women think it is their god given duty to make comments to men about their looks/health/habits. 'Are you gonna take the trash out, are you gonna wear that shirt with those pants, why don't you start exercising?' But that seems to be ok that you do it to men.

nonmember avatar random girl

I really dont tell my husband what to do. he works nights sleep during the day. im a stay at home mom who takes care of two boys who is 2 years old and another who is 3 months. I do the laundry, clean all the rooms, take out the garabage. I do everything.... I found out you can never depend on a man to do anything

nonmember avatar NoWay

Yes, Random Girl ... I am the same way (except that I also have a full time job outside of the house). In my last marriage, I learned that I can't depend son anyone but myself, so I do all of the cooking, cleaning, etc. My hubby is happy to help if I ask, but I am in such a habit of doing everything, I don't think to ask and he just got used to it being done.

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