Jennifer Lawrence’s Outrageous Hotel Story Is One to Watch After the Kids Are Asleep (VIDEO)


jennifer lawrence on conanThank goodness Jennifer Lawrence is out there doing the late night circuit to promote her second huge film in the matter of a month (American Hustle), because she continues to shock and delight us with her crazy storytelling ways. Her latest was such a doozy that we can't stop talking about it today!

The 23-year-old actress stopped by Conan O'Brien's show, Conan, last night, and the host asked her what she would want to do if she wasn't in show biz. Her response: A maid in a hotel. Okaaay, why? Well, because she says it's her type of cleaning, for one, cuz she hates the kitchen (funny, that was actually a point of contention in her relationship that led to a breakup!) but loves tidying up bathrooms, and bedrooms, and more than that, she loves snooping on people! She then went on to tell us about that one time a hotel maid clearly spied on her ... and, well, you have to just see it ... (Although, warning: What she says is NSFW!)

OMG! How much do you love that this woman has absolutely NO filter whatsoever? Ha. Her raw, genuine honesty is really so refreshing ... Not to mention that it's apparent she has more than just serious acting chops. I would say she just showed off some amazing comedic ability right there! Someone, please cast her in the next Apatowian (aka Judd Apatow-directed/produced) film! If she can turn a question about what she would do for a living if she couldn't act into this, she could surely turn even the crappiest comedy script into box office gold.

Have you ever been in JLaw's position? Do you think this is proof she oughta do some funny flicks?


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nonmember avatar sarah

so someone calling someone "fat" should be against the law but sex toy stories on tv is ok?...maybe if the fat person had a vibrator?...oh jenny

nonmember avatar blue

I kind of think she is making stuff up, at this point. She has a crazy story for every topic. She's charming, but I mean...come on.

adamat34 adamat34

She has no class.

Maybe hang out with miley Cyrus instead of looking like a tactless moron on tv.

Zenezzy Zenezzy

My puppy came running into the computer with a blue butt plug I had never seen.  My husband said it wasn't his either.  

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