Best Ever Condom Commercial Banned for Being Too Raunchy (VIDEO)

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For an advertisement meant to promote safe sex -- arguably one of the greatest ways a person can pass time on a random Monday night -- you've got to admit condom commercials are usually pretty stale. You can count on no hands the number of times you actually sort-of see folks doing the deed while we imagine they're wearing whatever condom is being promoted, and it sometimes seems like the company does everything it can to avoid even mentioning the S-word. 

Leave it to a bunch of sexy, easygoing Australians to make the absolute best condom commercial you'll see -- and then blame another group of Aussie partypoopers for banning it. Boooo!

This commercial has it all: good looking young people sporting matching beach blond hair, older folks who are totally cool with the fact that these two want to get it on and find the right condom for their needs, and even actual (though not real, obviously) sex. Sex in a condom commercial -- Eureka!

What I love about this one is that the couple is actually shopping for condoms together. It fully supports the idea that safe sex is a shared responsibility. It also totally normalizes the sometimes embarrassing act of buying condoms and makes it seem like just another errand these two must run on their way to pick up milk and bread at the grocer. I could see why TV stations wouldn't be keen on running this ad during the day, but after 9 or 10 p.m. -- I don't see the big deal. 

Even though there is no nudity in this commercial, be aware that it's probably not safe to view at work, since it does contain very suggestive sexual content. Check it out and decide what you think!

Do you feel this condom commercial is too raunchy and deserved to be banned?


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Organ... Organizedchaos8

LMAO wow, the commercial is hilarious, but, idk about playing it on T.V. Like you mentioned in the article it's nice that the couple is shopping for condoms together, but trying them on and taking them for a test drive shouldn't be done in the pharmacy lol.

work4... work4mickey

Love the way she cassually says "Oh look, toothpaste is on sale."

I do think the comercial is a little too risque for public access t.v. (I'm not sure how t.v. is handled in Australia) but is perfect for cable. I thought it was hilarious. And it is a comercial for condoms, so there should be sexual content.


Giggling like a kid.  Yeah--it's too rauchy for regular T.V.  The concept is great though.

nonmember avatar Kristi

Great commercial--yes too raunchy for tv.

epuffer epuffer

id say its goodfor online not tv this was hilarious

nonmember avatar me

Oh look, the toothpaste is on sale lmao it was funny, I dont think its too bad for late night tv, primetime...ehh im not sure id like to explain my 6 y old whats going on lol

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