Marc Anthony's Ex Wants $100K More in Child Support

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There's one person who is not thankful this holiday season -- Marc Anthony's ex-wife Dayanara Torres. The former Miss Universe, who has two sons, ages 10 and 12, with the singer, says the man who left her for Jennifer Lopez needs to open up his wallet a little wider. The child support she's getting isn't enough and is certainly not cutting it compared to what JLo has been given in her divorce.

Ready to hear some numbers? Dayanara receives $13,000 per month in child custody in addition to $3,500 in spousal support payments. According to Dayanara, Marc is worth far more than any of us probably suspect, which means she may have a teeny, itty bitty point here. But it's a very small point. 

So, get this. Marc is apparently pulling in $1.25 million per year, which means he can afford to get divorced as many times as his heart desires because the dude can pay up. He reportedly gifted JLo with a ridiculous $4 million ring the week their divorce was finalized -- a parting gift, perhaps. Remember, he also has to cut child custody checks for his and Jennifer's twins (not sure how much she gets, but Dayanara claims it is more than what she receives).

So, naturally, his second wife (yep, Marc was married once before Dayanara) wants her support increased so that she no longer has to live in an apartment so "small" it can't even fit all the extravagant Christmas gifts dad buys the boys. She'll be happy, she says, with a cool $113,000 a month payment

My goodness. Maybe she deserves a bit more, considering what her ex is worth, but she and Marc were married for four years compared to his eight-year marriage to JLo. And they separated after two years. These facts don't make her children any less deserving of financial support, but from what it sounds like, he is taking care of them.

$13K a month is enough to put them in the best schools. I'm sure they're already receiving outrageously wonderful medical care and are clothed well and well fed. Considering how she receives monthly alimony and -- I'm assuming -- is paid something for the random acting gigs and appearances she makes, how is that not enough money to cover a monthly mortgage on a modest house somewhere in California? 

Girlfriend needs to count her blessings. Fight for a little more, if you think you were stiffed the first time around. And then find a steady source of income because, at age 39, she is waaay too young to rely on support from her ex for the rest of her days.

Do you think Dayanara deserves more money from Marc Anthony?


Image via JLo/Twitter

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Mark Cox

another woman who thinks its about her lifestyle

nonmember avatar Tori

I was under the impression he gave J.Lo the ring the week he divorced his second wife. It was her engagement ring I believe. It doesn't make send for him to buy a ring for J.Lo the same week he divorced J.Lo.

cmjaz cmjaz

Well, each 1.25 million he makes, he probably has to pay about 30% in taxes at least. Her child support and alimony is not taxable so I think its probably a decent deal for her.


That's more than Jon Cryers ex was bitching about. She couldn't seem to make it on 8k a month, now this one can't make it on 13k. I do believe she could move out of her "crappy valley apt." on that kind of cash. Pretty soon men are just going to hire surrogates so they don't have to deal with an ex chasing them down because thousands aren't enough at the end of the day.

mrodz mrodz

I think he is an ass read up on the circumstances of that divorce. I don't think it was covered as much in the US. I say take every penny she can!

Bmabes Bmabes

Wait, he makes 1.25 mil a year and she's trying to get a little under 1.5 mil? Yea she may deserve more but these numbers don't add up.

laris... larissalarie

Wouldn't $113,000 per MONTH equal a little over 1.35 million per year? Which would obviously be more than the 1.25 million per year she says he makes? How can someone be so dumb as to ask for more in support than what they make?

I personally think $198,000 per year in support is plenty of money no matter how wealthy your ex is.

nonmember avatar Tori

This article is full of wrong details. The exwife is claiming he makes 1.25 mil a month. The editor need to read her source better.

adamat34 adamat34

And heres me grateful for my 407 a month as long as its comes.....

Id be a.little more thankful if my ex paid this much...this smells greedy.

nonmember avatar vanesa

I dont think its the money she angry about, but the fact he treats her kids less important than jlo kids. He should be Equal to all his kids, if he pays 50k each of jlo kids her kids should be no different.

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