Longtime Married Couple’s Act of Loyalty to Each Other Is a Bit Creepy

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One elderly married couple took the "'til death do us part" part of their marriage vows so seriously that they committed suicide rather than risk dying at separate times. Georgette and Bernard Cazes, who had been married 60 years, checked into a luxury hotel in Paris, lay down on the bed together, and died holding hands. It's unclear how exactly they killed themselves, but suicide was obvious since they left a note and their will nearby.

The note reportedly said that the couple didn't want to become a burden on their children or the state, and called for France to legalize euthanasia. They said they had the right to die with dignity and to die together rather than apart when one died before the other.

In some ways, I really admire this couple who chose to go out on their own terms -- and while they were still sprightly enough to go to a luxury hotel and have one last night of fun. It was not thought that the couple had any terminal illnesses -- rather than old age.

Death is a natural and inevitable part of life, and when you think about it, we all tend to glamorize hanging on until the bitter end rather than admiring those who decide to control when and how they die.

On the other hand, there's also something admirable about sticking it out until the last drop of breath is wrested from you. Call me just too attached to this life to want to voluntarily give up even a few days of it if I'm still in decent health.

I totally understand these two not wanting to live even a few moments without each other though. So many elderly people die within hours or days of each other naturally -- as if one really cannot live without the other.

I'm pleased this couple went in the dignified manner they chose to go -- together. But another part of me is just so sad about it. Why do we have to die?? Dang. Okay, I need to stop being selfish and need to make room for the generations after me.

I mean, not NOW. Don't rush me.

Could you ever consider doing this with your spouse?


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keelh... keelhaulrose

Suicide isn't for everyone, but I will not fault a couple who decide to end things on their own terms, especially without knowing the specifics. When my grandfather passed my grandmother stopped eating save for a few bites when people were noticing. It took her a year to waste away, and the end wasn't pretty. I wouldn't have faulted her for speeding things up. It's not my life, not my choice.

nonmember avatar Kristi

I do not find it romantic in the least. I think that suicide is a selfish horrible thing to do to the ones you "love".

nonmember avatar S.Smith

Suicide..the cowards way out..this isn't romantic at all

2baby... 2babymomma

I would never consider this I find it very selfish


I don't find it romantic in the least. This is a couple who have been discussing it for years and were pissed that France said no to euthanasia. If you're sick I have no problem with it, but because your surgery didn't go the way you wanted or you just want control over when you go,take some pills and call it a day. Don't try to involve others in your demise.I find it ridiculous that these people want someone else to do their dirty work. DIY.

nonmember avatar Sam

I kind of get it I know elderly couples in extremely good health but when one got sick, eventually passing the other literally started to fall apart. Depression and loneliness, especially in the elderly, can be fatel. They simpley loss their will to live and are tortured physically and emotionally to the point of death by the loss. It's extremely hard to watch as a family member or loved one, I believe more so then actual illness and death. But it also shows something about that generation, they stayed together through good bad and indifferent loving each other and forgiving each other unlike this generation who can't stay together for anything and divorce at the thought of an issue I think the elderly deserve to do whatever they want with their lives it's theirs not ours we are selfish for wanting them to never die, actually in my family kind of delusional thinking we live forever!

hello... hellokd87

I guess I'm the only hopeless romantic on here. I always tell my husband we're going to die together because I couldn't live without him. Now I wouldn't kill myself if something happened to him but I admire this couple for making the CONSCIOUS decision to die holding hands together.

kisse... kisses5050

my daughter does volunteer work with the elderly and she has many stories about couples dying the same night or a few days apart just naturally.

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