Sick Man Only Dates Girls With Eating Disorders

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All I have to say is that I’m very glad that everyone I’ve talked to about this disgusting blog post also thinks it’s vile -- especially men. Thank God all men, or even most men, aren’t like this creep, who wants to date girls with eating disorders for the most chauvinistic reasons possible.

5 Reasons to Date a Girl With an Eating Disorder is not humanity at its best, to put it mildly. Basically, the obscure and anonymous blogger wants a skinny girl that won’t eat or cost much, and is eager-to-please because of her severe self-esteem issues. Like I said -- disgusting.

One can only hope that the post is just a “vicious trolling attempt” for web traffic, and that these thoughts do not actually exist in someone’s head, but nothing surprises me anymore. Remember the piece of garbage from that guy that hated strong, confident women?

People suck sometimes.

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Eating disorders are not assets. They are an indication that someone needs help -- and it has nothing to do with nutrition. Anorexics and bulimics know what “healthy” is, but they don’t care. Eating disorders are usually about control, and feeling like you have power over something, even if it is just your body.

Eating disorders are more about psychological health than physical health, and any man that wants to keep a woman unhealthy is a thousand times sicker than she is.  

Do you think this guy is for real?


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nonmember avatar Jessica

People with eating disorders do care - often a lot - about what healthy is. Because of a mental disorder they can't do anything about it. It's not very understanding of mental disorders to try and say that someone just needs to care or try more.

nonmember avatar Cass

It's purposely controversial and you're only fueling the fire by writing about it.

flood... flood1971

It is controversial. We should write about it. Saying something fuels the fire? These conditions existed before the Internet. Quietly and deadly. People suffered in isolation. We need to write about it, shout about it! If only one person might read this and realize that they see themselves in this scenario and seeks help its worth it. That's the fire we should fuel. As a sister to a brother who suffered from anorexia when he was 14 in 1985 and there was only primitive care available, both in terms of physical and psychological treatment, I assure you for the need of dialog. When one person chooses another for the sake of being able to top them in any way, we as a society suffer. So let's write and talk, let's share and experience. Let's fuel the fire. Someone who wrote about it pointed my family in the direction of help. He's a father now, healthy and happy. Thank God for that person that fed that fire.

nonmember avatar MrHappy

that article is no less misogynistic than the rampant misandry on most female oriented site (like this one) or in the MSM.

nonmember avatar cadtheplayer

I liked this article. You look like you could do with developing a little eating disorder. But I will still date you if you take it up the hershey highway.

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