Kids Deserve More Than Our Husbands Do for Christmas

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christmas treeLots of things changed for me after becoming a mom. No more last-minute outings with girlfriends. No more rolling out of bed at noon on Saturdays. The one thing that didn't? My need to shop. I'm not ashamed to admit it. So needless to say, the holidays are my favorite time of the year. And though I don't have a lot of spare time to hit the brick and mortar stores, online shopping has kept my boot obsession going. I'm not alone. A survey by The Prowl revealed that nearly half of all moms prefer shopping on the web. I even have apps for a lot of my favorite boutiques. And it's not just about me. I love picking out presents for my husband and son. Though I do spend a heck of a lot more on one of them. Which makes me wonder -- is the price tag a clear indication of whom I love more?

It's a fair question. You spend more dough on gifts for people you like more, right? While that always grumpy aunt gets the cheap, drugstore bath set, the cool, I-can-tell-her-anything aunt gets the gorgeous necklace. Hey, admit it. I know it's not just me.

So when it comes to purchases for my husband and son, I find that I spend tons more on my kid. Tons. But I may be alone in that habit. The Prowl survey also found that moms spend an average of $224 for each child and $221 on their significant other. Hmmm. What does that say about me.

I wouldn't say I love them both the same, but I always thought I loved them equally. I can't imagine the world without either. Yet I am so much more giddy about lavishing my kid with cool stuff than my hubby. Though I wonder if I would be hurt if he had the same philosophy. Probably. Double standard, I know.

I am going to blame it on maternal instinct. My husband is awesome, but he is a grown man. It's my job to make the holidays magical for our son. There is nothing like seeing him jump up and down or those gorgeous brown eyes grow big as saucers. It's all about the kid at Christmas. Sorry hubby, those are the breaks.


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wamom223 wamom223

I feel like the tittle didn't match the story.  From your previous blogs I think our kids are around the same age and this is when it is the most fun to do up Christmas for your kids.  At five not only does he fully 'get it' but he remembers stuff from years past and has things he would like to do again.  I love that in doing that he is sort of making his own traditions and kind of forcing us along.  Every year we leave shopping for ourselves until every one else is done.  Some years we have enough left over to get each other gifts and one year we decided on a 'family gift' and some we just had enough to fill each others stockings to keep things alive for our kiddo.  I actually like those years the best because we end up getting each other the funnies things. Its usually a last minute shopping trip to Walgreens which means you have a chance at getting that 'as seen on tv' gift that you really want but were to embarrassed to tell anyone but your significant other about.  We had 8 years together before we had our son and I think we both agree that he is what brings so much magic to all our Holidays. 

nonmember avatar locke_stocke

This author is a divorce waiting to happen, although she clearly doesn't know it yet. Most men would say that this behavior doesn't matter to them. And if this is the only thing where she puts her child first, perhaps it doesn't. But how likely is that? The author is right that the amount of money spent isn't the most important thing. But her attitude of "my child is more important" clearly shines through in her writing. And what's more, she acknowledges that if her husband did that to her, she might be upset! She rationalizes it by saying that it's her "job" to lavish gifts on her children. But all it is is a rationalization.

nonmember avatar Anon

"My husband is awesome, but he is a grown man."

Imagine if her husband or bf tried to pull that on Valentine's Day. :D

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