Groom Ditches Bride on Wedding Day & She Marries Guest Instead

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brideSo this may not have been the happy ending anyone invited to the wedding envisioned, but it's a happy ending nonetheless. A woman was all set to marry the man of her dreams and, like a scene out of a bad romantic comedy, the dude bolts. So what's a devastated bride to do? Well, why not marry some other guy in attendance. Huh? What?

The trouble began the night before the scheduled nuptials in India. The bride's family learned that no one knew where the groom was. Needless to say, the s**t hit the fan. Not only did they worry about the girl's broken heart, they also feared this would ruin her chances of finding love again. We all know there is a stigma attached to someone who is left at the altar. That kind of romantic bad luck will set tongues wagging for years to come.

But fortunately for this girl, someone else stepped in. A guest and relative of the bride volunteered to marry her instead. (Presumably this was a very, very distant relative.) Because of this 11th-hour stand-in, the wedding went on as scheduled.

So, there are definitely some crazy elements to this story. I can't imagine some random relative agreeing to marry me if I were a jilted bride -- nor would I want any one of them to. Gross. But let's just consider the idea of having a backup groom for a minute. If only such a thing existed. It would be the ultimate Plan B. Just think about it: the supposed man of your dreams abandons you at the altar. That's a humiliating turn of events by anyone's standards. But what if there was a runner-up? Perhaps an old boyfriend who always had marriage potential or a good friend who would make the perfect mate. I am sure a lot of abandoned brides would have appreciated the chance to save face.

What would you do if your man left you at the altar?


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nonmember avatar Kristi

I am not sure what I would do but can totally eliminate the possibility of marrying any of my relatives. Distant or not.

Felip... FelipesMom

This story holds a completely different meaning for Americans because the context is so different. Since the wedding took place in Tamil Nadu, it is very likely that it was an arranged marriage. Therefore, the bride simply married one stranger chosen by her parents instead of another. 

BeccaLS BeccaLS

What FelipesMom said ^.

Also, it was probably an honor thing. The families honor was at stake here - marriage is a huge deal in India, so much more so than here in the US. The bride's social status would have been effected negatively if she hadn't gotten married, and it probably would have ruined any chance she had at a future marriage.

You have to take it in the context of the culture.

calam... calamityjean26

I was left at the altar pregnant 3 months ago. I wish someone stepped up to marry me! I still don't know what I'm doing!

candy... candyw210

calamityjean26 I am so sorry to hear that :( Just know even though you are still heartbroken, there is someone out there for everyone and maybe this jerk leaving you at the alter was a blessing in disguise for you. Maybe it saved you from a terrible marriage, years of heartache because clearly he is a bastard. I wish you nothing but the best in your life and with your baby! Keep your head up! And until you find and marry your actuall price charming use the support from your loved ones around you to help you get through this difficult time in your life. As for the story; they are in India, so like another commentor stated it was probably an arranged marriage, so she went from marrying a stranger to marrying a relative . I would never marry a relative personally, even if they were distant relatives; but clearly she was ok with it because she married them. This is probably not unusual in India.  

Deborah Collins

I am guessing it was an arranged marriage too. If so the parents of the first arranged groom are not going to be happy with their son.

nonmember avatar tammy

I would have cried for a few minutes and then threw the biggest outdoor family party since Christmas with all the wonderful food my family brought for the reception. We are from the South and my family can cook. I would never marry family, yuck!

Zenezzy Zenezzy

My husband and I drove together to the Office of Civil Marriages, no risk of either of us being ditched.  I've seen nice sane girls becoming bridezillas, and am in awe that the guy made it to the alter, I sure wouldn't have if I was any of those guys.

nonmember avatar Fawn sweet

So ... Let's make sure we understand the girl did not marry FAMILY. That would be more along the lines of incest which is not acceptable in India. It was a very very distant relative like a 5th cousin by marriage,twice removed or something like that. Not like a brother or uncle lol!

Music... MusicMom823

Obviously an arranged marriage.  India's culture is SO different than ours.  Only their cultural differences made this possible.  It would never work in the United States  (unless we go back to arranged marriages).  Glad the bride was still able to have her day.

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