Bride & Groom Surprise Guests With Awesome 'Dirty Dancing' Tribute (VIDEO)

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terra drake ottoEvery couple wants to be able to remember their wedding day as the "time of their life," so it's no surprise that many have paid tribute to Dirty Dancing by using their first dance to pay tribute to the 1987 classic's iconic number set to the Bill Medley and Jennifer Warnes tune. But let's be honest: Not all newlyweds' attempts to channel Frances "Baby" Houseman and Johnny Castle end up the way they had hoped! In other words, the notorious, climatic lift doesn't always go off without a hitch!

But thankfully, it did for Terra and Drake Otto, who tied the knot earlier this year! The couple reenacted Baby and Johnny's triumphant turn on the dance floor, and it was jaw-dropping (without anyone getting dropped! Yay!).

Check it out ...


LOVE it! They nailed it, right? The best part is how they got everyone riled up, just like in the movie -- and they were obviously having so much fun. Oh, and of course, they deserve tons of credit for all the hard work they put into the dance. It clearly paid off: They managed to prove that nobody puts a bridey like Terra in the corner!

What's the best first dance or surprise dance you've ever seen at a wedding?


Image via Joe Pollock Films/YouTube



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sabri... sabrina_ervin

That was beautiful it made me cry

amy1will amy1will

So cute.

ninag... ninag1980

Im glad Im not the only one who teared up!

Love and a good time are contagious!

Rosie Suarez

Congratulations To You Both! That was so very Amazing and it goes to show that you both worked hard together before getting married. I can't imagine there isn't anything you won't be able to do Together in life! Thanks for sharing your special day!!!!!

Shay Tate

Absolutely beautiful!!!!!

Krystal Prout Worth

absolutely loved that! That was just amazing, and such a great tribute...patrick would hsve loved it!!!

xnavygal xnavygal

AWESOMENESS!!..really feeling the love excitement....what intent with purpose!

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