Woman Posts REALLY Nasty Note After Neighbor's Loud Bedroom Activities

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When you live in cramped quarters -- which basically means any apartment building in any city you can think of -- you get used to hearing many sounds made, mostly unknowingly, by your neighbors. You can listen to them argue. You hear them flush their toilets while you apply your makeup in the bathroom. When they have loud parties, which I hope for you only happens around the holidays, you grin and bear it because lord knows your friends are anything but quiet after a few cocktails.

But one woman in Chicago decided enough was enough after having to hear her awesome and sexually satisfied neighbor do the deed a little too loudly. So she did something that has never worked for any person living in any apartment ever and left a nasty note on her door. And it didn't end there. 

In the fed-up woman's note, she basically requested that her neighbor put on a record because she doesn't want to hear her every moan. Then she added the sassy line, "Luckily for me it never lasts very long."

Oooooh, snap. Your turn, Awesome Sexually Satisfied Neighbor.

And Neighbor, who calls herself "The girl in 517," doesn't disappoint. She retaliates by tacking up her own lengthy missive on HER OWN door (and she keeps her neighbor's note up, as well, just to be a badass) in which she responds:

Your obvious frustration from my pleasure saddens + confuses me. I'm not yelling, or anything terribly disrespectful. Apparently, we have the thinnest walls on Earth because -- I assure you -- the moans you're so upset by are masturbation induced. That's why it "doesn't last very long." I know what I'm doing and porn is free, + I have the best vibrator. I got it at Taboo Taboo [sic] down the street. You should really invest in one -- you sound a bit, uh, tense...

And then, for good measure, she adds: 

I am proud of my sexuality, so your attempted SLUT-SHAMING is useless here. Had you approached me n a respectful manner, I would have been happy to oblige.

Good for her! I mean, if the noises were really all that loud and disturbing and her neighbor couldn't take it anymore, I get it. But at the very least, ring her doorbell and confront her like a human being. The only reason this story leaked to begin with was because a third neighbor noticed the letters on the door, snapped a photo, and posted it to Reddit. Clearly, you should know there's a chance you are going to embarrass someone if you post a note like this to their door (though 517 girl doesn't seem like the type who shames easily).

Of all the noises that can be heard in an apartment, sex noises are the least offensive, in my opinion. They're often hilarious and sometimes pretty hot. And I just can't imagine getting so worked up over them.

Would you complain if your neighbors were loud during sex?


Image via Reddit

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nonmember avatar Gina

The fuck is wrong with you? Nobody wants to hear other people's sex noises when they're eating their dinner. Let alone their kids hearing that. Freak.

nonmember avatar Gina

The fuck is wrong with you? Nobody wants to hear other people's sex noises when they're eating their dinner. Let alone their kids hearing that. Freak.

nonmember avatar Duh

she's probably a an Obama-voting skankbag who thinks the taxpayer should flip the bill for her birth control pills and her dildos too id imagine...."yippe i feel so liberated!"

nonmember avatar Guest

Gina- clearly you are a) sexually repressed and have b) never lived in an apartment in Chicago. I walk down my hall night and day and can hear people having sex at one point or another. You need to get that stick un-lodged from your obviously, rarely used twat and relax. Please enlighten the rest of us. Where in that missive did it say anything about kids or eating dinner? Clearly you and the sexually unsatisfied neighbor are one in the same.

Jespren Jespren

I had one nieghbor once who, with their front door open, had screaming sex. I almost called 911 thinking someone was dying and was ready to rush upstairs with a bat to beat off whatever intruder was skinning the lady...when I realized the screams had 'that' note to them. In a place with thin walls I might be minorly annoyed by moaning or beds knocking against walls, but highly unlikely that I would find it inappropriate enough to say anything about. But screaming or loud sexalized words (f-me baby! type stuff) should not be 'shared' with neighbors and I'd probably do something about it. Although out of concern for embarrassing them I'd slip a politely worded note under their door if I didn't know them, or bring it up discretely in conversation if I did. I had to tell my next door neighbors in college that I could hear *everything* that happened in their room if they left their closet door open.

flood... flood1971

@Duh- a skank bag that voted for Obama? Where did you get that in the article? Oh, must be the masturbation. I guess you must be a real straight shooter, since obviously you don't engage in such skanky left wing behavior. That comment of yours is the dumbest thing I read all day. Go get laid, the righteous way of course and maybe you ll feel better. What a piece of work you are!


Oh Jespren ! Too funny "beat off". I know how you meant it , but it was just funny given the topic. I will now get my mind out of the gutter.

nonmember avatar Me

I had an upstairs neighbor few years back whose wife was in the navy and on duty overseas for a year. Her sister had moved in to help him care for their two kids. We could hear them having very very loud sex almost every night. Itd actually wake me up... He moved somewhere else before his wife came back. I would have told...

nonmember avatar Jano

If you don't want to hear sex noises from other apartments, YOU should put on the radio. DAH!

Kelleigh Nicole Huntress

Go figure someone had to throw something about Obama in the mix on here. Like REALLY? Let's blame our masturbating neighbors on Obama, too. It's so annoying how people tie politics into everything. This article has nothing to do with anything political, shut your mouth.

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