Crazy Couple Tweets Their Absurd Arguments in Epic Social Media Fail

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20-somethings Claire Meyer and Alan Linic have taken a novel approach to hashing out arguments with one another in their relationship. The lovebirds, who started dating last March, share their spats on a joint Twitter account -- @WeFoughtAbout.

Alan said that while the account started as a joke, it’s ended up being a useful tool for communication in their relationship.

"[It’s] a reminder that it's OK to disagree with the people that you care about, and that most of the time the things that trigger our fights aren't really worth fighting about. It's a way to make ourselves accountable for our crazy moments and also to show off the side of a relationship that is rarely seen until it's over or going badly."

I like it, for the most part. So many of the tweets they share remind of things that can turn into bigger deals than they actually are, and quickly. I bet it helps too, to be thinking of how you’re going to tweet something later while you’re in the middle of an argument to make it funny. Once you start to focus on the absurdity of what you’re fighting about, tensions probably relax and you’re able to determine what it really is that you’re fighting about.

On the other hand -- it’s incredibly important to not trivialize every argument, ignore real issues, and/or hope that if you keep overlooking things or brushing them under the rug, they’ll cease to exist. Believe me, I may know this from experience.

I may also know that documenting your relationship online has its downside. Because if or when you do break up, there’s going to be a whole lot of but you seemed so happy! coming your way. And you will have to grin and bear it and say through gritted teeth, “Yup! I even had myself convinced there for awhile.”

There’s no right or wrong way to work through relationship issues -- I just hope that Claire and Alan are actually working things out, and just using Twitter for brevity’s sake.

Would you ever think of making parts of your private life public on Twitter?


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lobus lobus

I guess it's somewhat funny, but they seem awfully insecure and jealous of each other. Don't see it lasting. 

nonmember avatar Lara

Stupid. The tweets are not even funny.

nonmember avatar Panelvan76

"There’s no right or wrong way to work through relationship issues"

Yes there are; and this is not one of the right ways.

Silve... Silvernail

This was on GMA yesterday morning and they said they wait until the fight is over and and they have calmed down before tweeting, so it could be a couple hours or a couple days. I think they also had some relationship expert saying this was a good idea if it worked for them.

nonmember avatar mewmewlicious

Boy I really hope that the things that they're "arguing" about really are just jokes. Because if they really got mad about them they both have some thin skin.
There's an adage that says: "Don't argue in front of the kids." I think it applies here. None of this is any of our business and should stay private. It's not funny if it's actually real. It's just embarrassing and awkward.

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