15 Things Women Do That Make Men Call Them 'Crazy'

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Kudos to a man who wrote an essay about how he used to gaslight women -- by calling them "crazy." Gaslighting is a form of emotional abuse where someone routinely invalidates your feelings or observations. Signs you are being gaslighted include being told you are "too sensitive" or are "overly emotional" or just simply that you are "crazy" and "paranoid" and shouldn't be feeling what you are feeling. Dating coach Harris O'Malley writes:

I noticed my tendency towards tossing "crazy" out as a verbal short cut ... It's a habit that we men need to break; it's damaging to relationships, trivializes genuine mental health issues, and -- most importantly -- hurts women as a whole.

While women can also gaslight men -- there is a long history of men using invalidation to subdue women. It wasn't that long ago that women could be put into insane asylums for defying their husbands. Here are 15 times a guy might accuse you of being "crazy."

1. You want to talk about the relationship and he doesn't.

2. You have become more emotionally attached to him than he wanted and he begins to feel overwhelmed and guilty.

3. You are demanding relationship boundaries, such as asking him to cut ties with an ex or call you if he's going to be late, and he doesn't want those boundaries.

4. You want to push the relationship forward, he doesn't.

5. He hurt your feelings in some way and you let him know it.

6. You want to hold him accountable for an action he doesn't want to be held accountable for.

7. You catch him or suspect him of cheating or disrespecting the relationship and confront him.

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8. You want sex when he doesn't want it or vice versa.

9. He broke up with you and you'd like an explanation for it.

10. You become emotional, raise your voice, or become angry.

11. You confront a woman he's sleeping with or otherwise being disrespectful with.

12. Your behavior is too aggressive, assertive, or your words too opinionated for what is convenient for him to deal with.

13. You stand up for yourself in a way that makes him feel threatened or uncomfortable.

14. You want him to do his fair share of child caring or housework and he doesn't want to.

15. You want to work on or improve the relationship and he doesn't.

Obviously, there are times when all human beings overreact and may even become violent. But these extremes -- and there are laws for them -- should not preclude women from expressing their opinions or feelings or asking for accountability. No one should ever be called "crazy."

Has anyone ever told you you were "crazy"?

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Laura Walteros

I'm not saying that you're completely wrong about men using crazy too often. At the same time, I think that if a guy states a lady's being 'crazy' after something on this list, there's got to me more to it than just this. For example:

-the ex in #3 might be his ex-wife that he has kids with....

-#4 can be you want a wedding ring.....three months into a relationship and he's obviously not ready....

-the woman you're confronting in #11 can be simply his dance partner(my brother's ex got jealous over his ballroom dancing partner...even though she is a lesbian....)

There are always two sides to a story...making yourself be heard is one thing. Being overbearing, overly jealous, and blowing things out of proportion does tend to make you look kinda crazy, whether you're a gal OR guy.

Sascha Rosemann

Women, leave the men that give you crap for any of those things...leave them now!

Holly Sauter

they are absolutely the most ridiculous reasons to be called crazy i have ever heard of.

nonmember avatar blh

Men call women crazy if they do anything they don;t like really. Most particularly if we're upset about something HE DID and let him know it. It's their way of not taking responsibility for their actions. If i hear a man call his ex crazy (unless tehy're really is something wrong with her and I know it) I'd run. Because most likely he did something to her that made her act that way.

nonmember avatar christina

Where the hell do you get ur sources? Whoever wrote this article is crazy and has no idea what they are talking about.

Happy... Happydad73

Wow, lets paint men with the same broad brush that you are decrying men using for women. And you wonder why men call you crazy.

nonmember avatar jaynee

. If the man grows from it, maybe stay, but most likely he won't! If you talk to him about these things after he calls you crazy and he still won't bend, you know what to do. Make yourself happier in the long run and leave!

Laura Palmer

did this really need to be an article, I wouldn't be worried about being called crazy if these were the case, he should be worried about being called single. 

nonmember avatar aman

This is the most BS article I've read in a long time. Thank you for wasting my time... next time give a little more context to your points, rather than writing in these broad-brush, generalizations.... Perhaps consider another vocation other than blogging?

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