Woman Admits She Uses Guys for Expensive Meals at Nice Restaurants

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If you've got a hankering for pricey meals in five-star restaurants but you're on a Taco Bell budget, there's still a few ways you can get yourself a fancy dish. Become a food critic. Dine-n-dash. Orrrr get some dude to take you out on a date. Of the three, I'd say the third is the most palatable (hey, not everyone can be a food critic). And yet 23-year-old aspiring actress Erin Wotherspoon (who, thanks to Reese Witherspoon, will not need to change her name for her acting career) is catching all kinds of flack for admitting in the Daily Mail that she dates guys just to get them to buy her an expensive meal. "I've decided to become a serial dater to fulfill my restaurant hit list," she gleefully admits.

Erin, who is blonde, blue-eyed, and attractive, knows she's at a point in her life where all manner of male -- from ones her age to younger to older to much, much older; to single to married; to heterosexual to bisexual to probably even some homosexuals -- will TAKE HER OUT AND PAY FOR EVERYTHING.

Erin, enjoy it while you can, girl. And she is. She says:

Men should feel honored by this open invitation to date me.

To that end, Erin is signed up on several dating sites looking for her next "meal ticket":

Exploiting men for meals is tough. I have to put up with a lot of bad conversation and to be honest for awhile there I didn’t think I was up for the challenge. Yes, I had some good food but was it really worth my time? Keeping up with all the silly text messages, feigning interest in things I don’t care about and trying to figure out who the f*** is who.

Well, I agree, Erin. A meal, no matter how extravagant, usually isn't worth the yawn-inducing conversation -- not to mention the relentless stalking for a second date. Which is why I never pulled this crap.

However, if Erin wants to do it, I have no problem with it. Does it make guys less likely to want to pay for the next girl? Maybe. But probably not if the next girl is also 23, blonde, and cute. Guys are dumb that way.

I actually admire that Erin has the vajay of steel to go on a date with a guy, suggest the most expensive restaurant in town, sit there looking at him blankly when the check comes (or excuse herself to go to the little girls' room with expert timing), and not once offer to help pay. I've never been good at this game -- I'm the idiot who whips out her purse the second the waiter approaches and I'm all, "Why don't I --" and the guy is all, "Sure, great. Cool. Thanks!"

I don't feel bad for these guys being used for meals because most of them are dating Erin for one reason -- they find her attractive and probably hope to get her in bed. Many of them are no doubt much older than her and should be dating women their own age. But they prefer to play the fool. So let them play the fool with the empty wallet.

Erin claims she has already been banned from one dating site because of her date-dine-n-dash reputation. But that is ridic. No one bans guys who f*ck-n-dash.

Have you ever used guys for a meal?

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Elaine Cox

she is a piece of s**t but of course kiri finds a way to blame the guys

Happy... Happydad73

News flash, many of these guys are just looking to use you for a wet place to stick it. If that is ok with you, keep on keeping on.

Taisie Taisie

Wow, this was just, um, journalism at its worst in so many ways.

Paws84 Paws84

Agree with Happydad73. 

nonmember avatar Hawke

Don't defend this trash. She's a fucking waste of space, and you're an idiot for defending her. Men who fuck and dash are horrible - that's not up for debate, but two wrongs don't make a right.

People using people for ANY reason is beyond pathetic.

nonmember avatar MrHappy

and women wonder why guys opt out of dating, or become players. way to go feminists.

jkp-buff jkp-buff

I'm confused how she got banned from a dating site for having too many guys buy her dinner. When I was single and online dating, I didn't intentionally use guys to buy me nice meals, but I did have to go on quite a few 1st dates to find someone I wanted a 2nd date with. Some weeks I had 1st dates with a different guy every night of the week. I offered to split the check, but they mostly refused. A small percent accepted. Once in a great while, I could tell the guy was really broke and I would just pick up the whole bill myself. But the end result was that I had a constant stream of free meals in nice restaurants. So objectively my behavior could be observed to be the same date-dine-n-dash as this woman, in that I had a stream of 1st dates buying me nice meals with no 2nd date after. It's only that my underlying intention was different than hers, in that I actually did want to meet someone for a long term relationship. And thankfully after a few years of that, I finally did.

kisse... kisses5050

in the 1950s this was called dating...

Michael Weldon

Unless she led the dudes on and promised things that did not happen I fail to see any issue.  The guys wanted to take her out and she wanted the meals.  Maybe next time the guys will bother to get to know a girl a little bit before they shell out major cash on a dinner.

nonmember avatar Larry

This is why I rarely date anymore. In fact, the last date I went on was five years ago and I have no desire to date again. There are so many women that try to take advantage it's ridiculous. I remember one date I went on with this woman who went on and on about what a great job she has and of course she showed up with her fancy clothes and purse. She ordered really expensive items on the menu but when the check came made no effort to pay for her part. She didn't even offer to pay the tip! Women today are a complete waste of time. Even though a lot of women have good jobs they still think men should pay their way for everything.

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