‘Homewrecker’ Website Exposes the Other Woman to the World


cheaterRelationships fall apart every day. That's one of their defining characteristics. After all, they can only go one of two ways. Either you stay with someone forever, or you eventually break up. What causes the breakups, now that's where the possibilities truly become endless.

One of the ickiest ways of losing a partner is finding out that they were cheating on you with someone else. This hurts no matter what state your relationship was in. Very often, you might have been thinking about ending things yourself. You aren't hurt by cheating exclusively because you're crazy in love. You're hurt because of the lying.

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Of course, that's all easy to say when you aren't in the thick of it. When you've discovered that your paramour is para-ing with someone else, it's tough to be, uh, remotely objective. Easier by far to point the finger of blame. Point it at him or, better yet, at the homewrecking hussy who trashed your beautiful relationship! There is a reason so many cliches exist about batshit exes -- cheat on a woman and get caught? The result will not be a pleasant one ... for anyone

That doesn't mean lashing out is going to help things. Very often, it makes things worse. Take this website dedicated to "destroying" the life of "homewreckers." On the site, the names, photos, and personal information of women called "homewreckers" are displayed for all and sundry. It's like a virtual blame book -- only the authors are adult, not immature teens.

Here's why this is a terrible idea, in case that wasn't clear enough already. How many of these women do you think knew that they were seeing men already in a relationship? Because kid, if he's lying to you -- what's gonna keep him from lying to his next bit of strange? Nada, my friend. The answer is nada. It's also INHERENTLY SEXIST to punish the woman this way. Rather than be furious -- in a healthy way, of course -- at the person who violated your trust, you're going after another lady? Screw that. With a website like this, nobody wins.

Have you ever been tempted to get revenge when you found out your partner was cheating?


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Coles... Coles_mom

Eh. This doesn't bother me. A little shame never hurt anyone. :)

LeeshaE LeeshaE

Doesn't bother me. My dad cheated on my mom a lot and I can't think of one that didn't know he was married. Shame and shame away it takes two tango. I get that your partner is the one who betrays you but a mistress is never innocent.

nonmember avatar MrsClark87

I disagree about the other woman not knowing. Most of the women that I hear of or knew who were messing with married men knew they were married. They just didn't care. I do think that most of the blame should be cast upon the cheating partner, however, if u knowingly cheat with someone who is involved with someone else, u get what's coming to u. The person that gets hurt usually has not done anything to the affair partner, but the affair partner sure doesn't care about contributing to the hurt of the victim partner.

nonmember avatar singer825

The problem with sites like this is that anyone can send info on anyone to it for the world to see. So if someone just holds a grudge against you, guess what, they can get their revenge by posting your address and whatnot for the internet to see. Does someone take the time to make sure the allegations are true before posting this stuff online? Is there recourse for people to take if falsely accused? What if you didn't know the other person was married? I don't like cheating, but I also don't like the idea of this website. It's too similar to that ex website where people could submit naked photos of their exes that dumped them. If you must take revenge, find another way that doesn't potentially endanger someone else's life.

nonmember avatar The first wife

Well I am one of these woman who submitted my story of the homewrecking whore that helped end my marriage. You can read not only my side but hers as well and decide for yourself! http://shesahomewrecker.com/lori-naylor-st-charles-missouri/#comment-5353 I for one am glad this site exists it has brought some closure to a wound that stayed open far to long!

nonmember avatar Rosa

Most of the girls exposed on the page knew about the marriage, lots of theme were friends, family members or coworkers. If a female decides to get involved with a married man then she deserves to be part of the hall of shame. The men will be expose soon.

nonmember avatar Trying to heal

How many of these women do you think knew that they were seeing men already in a relationship? Because kid, if he's lying to you -- what's gonna keep him from lying to his next bit of strange?

I am sorry but this line is blatantly false! My husband's "strange" was NOT strange, she knew he was married. SHE came to my home with her husband and they socialized with us! I have met several betrayed wives through this process and there was not a single "strange" that did NOT know the man was married.

This site is to out these homewreckers, that knowingly and purposefully destroy a home for their own selfish reasons! I can also GUARANTEE you that every single husband in these stories are being "punished" as you call it. If the wife stays then the husband has to deal with the betrayed wife's pain, anger, depression, loss of trust etc EVERY single day for years. If the wife leaves then they lose their home, their family, their life as they know it! These women usually walk away scot free, no consequences to the damage they've inflicted and this site is a consequence for them!

I too have posted my story on here: http://shesahomewrecker.com/?s=Heather+Thornton

Nicole Lloyd

i disagree, i think most DO know, although it is equally the both of their faults.  if the woman doesnt know the man is with someone, then i wouldn't consider her a "homewrecker".

nonmember avatar Awomanscorned

You really new to read some stories on the website to get all your facts before you make "stupid" opinions. Most of those home wreckers did know, they were friends of the wife, sisters to the wife, or co-workers of the husbands. My home wrecker knew, and she pursued my hubby. She calle him, sent half naked pics, and even came up with the idea of a code name so she would know it was him and not me. You can't tell me that if you were betrayed by your spouse in such a degrading way you wouldn't feel a little better calling a home wrecking hoe out on the Internet. Now, when you google my home wreckers name, my submission to shesahomewrecker.com is the first thing to come up. Future employers, and her children will know she can not be trusted. If you have morals then you won't ever find yourself being exposed on www.shesahomewrecker.com. Plain and simple.

nonmember avatar mayra soto

My HW knew that my husband was married and had three kids that didn't stop her, she told me blank out that she wanted him and that she didn't care he had a family, so why should I care what people think of her and hell yeah I exposed her. Bitch destroyed my life and my family.

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