Ex-Spouse's Divorce Yard Sale Is the Sweetest Revenge (PHOTOS)


couple holding broken heartIn this age of the Internet, people have some curiously wacky ways of getting over their breakups. Remember the guy who posted the Craigslist ad about the mattress? What a way to call out your cheatin' ex!

Now, one business-savvy ex-spouse has thrown a pretty snazzy divorce yard sale to celebrate their split.

How is it "snazzy," you ask?

Well, first, take a looksee at this lovely sign, which makes it clear just why the ex is sellin' all the wares you can get your grubby hands on. Appropriately captioned: "So this happened. #divorce #yardsale #lol #funny #brilliant #marriage"

And next, the perk of being a divorce yard sale attendee! Captioned: "#fall #winter #yardsale #hotcocoa #hot #chocolate #divorce #sale #autumn #marriage #aftermath" Haa, "aftermath" is the best hashtag by far.

Give this former spouse a round of applause, people. Not only is she (or he) getting rid of items that are probably of no use to them and tied to emotional baggage, but they're doing it with flair! And instead of stewing away, they're out there helping others. Passing on positive energy in the form of old clothes, useless wall art, DVDs maybe, and hot cocoa! What's not to love!?

But seriously, there are a million ways to handle something as grueling as a divorce, and this has to be one of the most smirk-worthy and good-natured ways I've ever seen someone contend with what's most definitely NOT an easy time. Sure, throwing her ex's things out on the street would've been more dramatic ... But this route looks like a lot more fun!

What would you like to say to the person who threw this divorce yard sale?

Images via Tetra Images/Corbis & Noonzdoesadultthings/Instagram



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plumb... plumbobtoggle

My ex came with a u-haul to get his things, but left several amplifiers, saws, an air compressor, and several other things I had no use for. I have several guy friends at work who were outraged at the way he had treated me and were more than happy to help me out by buying them from me.

wamom223 wamom223

I would ask this woman if she'd seen 'Waiting to Exhale'

nonmember avatar Arima

First of all, I say good for her/him. Wish I'd thought of it. Secondly, what the hell is all this #blah,blah, blah crap? Who came up with this absolutely stupid term "hashtag" and what the hell is it anyway? We have been reduced to talkign like two year olds and I'm sick of it!

nonmember avatar BEAM

This kind of stuff just screams "mentally unstable" and now the whole world knows why youre an EX.

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