8 Best Tattoos That Show You Love Your Husband

tattoo east side inkNothing says "I love you" like getting a tattoo for the one who has your heart. It's a forever kind of thing ... unless you want a dose of laser tattoo removal to go with the pain from a breakup. Some feel it's a curse to get some ink to honor your beloved, but I think it's just the most romantic gesture ever. So much so that I've done it twice! Clearly I never learn. (Or I just like pain.)

I've also gotten breakup tattoos -- that's me there in this picture getting a little something for myself from my girl Lara Scotton at East Side Ink in NYC. I guess I just like being tattooed for all my life's ups and downs. And so do these ladies I've rounded up who chose some very meaningful tattoos in honor of the guy they love. Which one is your favorite?


Image via Michele Zipp

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nonmember avatar BostonBob

Uh...it's not a musical note, it's a treble clef. Musical "notation".

All my musician friends would want me to correct this.

heyth... heythereelizah

Never get a tattoo with a spouse/boyfriends name. It is bad luck. And looks so tacky.

kymom23 kymom23

Some of those are..... Well....... A little tacky. And I hate the word tacky.

nonmember avatar BostonBob

Coming next week on The Stir...

The Top 1000 Regrettable "Love of My Life/Forever" tattoos!

Because "forever" almost never is. Ever see a sweet, elderly couple with matching tattoos?

Twiha... Twiharder

Never, EVER, get a tattoo for someone you are in a relationship with.  Whether it's months or decades, it doesn't matter, it's a mistake.

belly... bellygirl

Those tattoos are terrible.  I wouldnt' say those are great ways to pay tribute to the love you have for your husband.  Blah...


The woman who got "HO" tattooed on her finger is just an idiot who can't think abstractly. I know from HER vantage point it says OH, but for the other 7 Billion of us on the planet, she's just declared herself, well, a HO. Brilliant. What a great way to make a positive impression on everyone you meet.

Amarke86 Amarke86

These tattoos are horrible, and ugly. Not impressed with any of them! I was expecting something great! Thanks for the waste of time!

nonmember avatar Anonymous

Wow! You all are extremely judgemental people!! Tats for your love is a great way to show your love. I have not 1 but 2 tats for my hubby! We have matching tats of hearts with each other's initials in the heart. I like all the tats you showed. Who cares what close minded people like all of you think. What matters is what I like.

Renee Larsen

Generally, tattooing for a relationship is a mistake, but it's a personal decision. I do have to say though, that those tattoos are awful. Terrible. If I was going to write this story, I'd at least have taken the time to find some good tattoos. Just sayin'.

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