5 Things Women Do in the Bedroom That Really Turn Men Off

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5 things you're doing the bedroom that are probably turn-offsIf you're wondering why your romps in the sack aren't as hot as they should be, it might be something you're doing. Yep, it's not them, it's you.

I know, I know YOU'RE perfect in bed, but hey, it's still worth cross-checking your bedroom behaviors with my handy checklist. Who knows? Maybe your partner is just being nice by not saying anything.

1. The sound of silence: It's a fantastic Simon and Garfunkel song but not great in the bedroom. For one, your partner will have absolutely no idea if what he's doing is actually working for you. And for another, sounds (of the right kind) as well as talking, can be really hot.

2. Dead weight: Sex is much more fun when you're into it and actually interacting with your partner. If you're just laying there like a sack of potatoes, they're certainly not going to enjoy it and quite frankly you aren't either. Move your hips, arch your back, and get into it. 

3. Woe is me: Lack of self-confidence in the bedroom can be a huge turnoff. But I'm the first to admit that after having kids, I sometimes don't feel as great about my body as I used to. So, turn off the lights, pop on some lingerie so all your bits and pieces aren't hanging out. Just don't be embarrassed about how you look.

4. Broken record: Your boring sex routine is, well, boring, and your partner knows you're just going through the motions. In fact, it might actually appear that you're just trying to get things over with. Flip that record over. Or play it backwards.

5. What not to wear: I'm all for comfy nightgowns and pajamas, but those old ratty things you're wearing aren't doing you any good. If you're not into sleeping naked, then grab a few cute two-piece camisole and short sets, or a flattering slip. They don't need to cost a lot, but you can still look sexy AND be comfortable.

What are your biggest bedroom turn-offs?


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Lynette Lynette

Bad breath in bed is a huge turn off.  

Taisie Taisie

Yeah! What she ^ said!

BGarcel BGarcel

A huge turn off for me are interruptions. Since my husband is a (damn good) nurse, he occasionally gets called in and sometimes that stupid phone rings while we are having sex. So, a phone ringing or the doorbell going off definitely dampens my mood. But never so much that it turns me completely off

kaffe... kaffedrikke

Chilli dog farts!

ekera... ekerazy78

My husbands breath has been so bad I have had to nearly gag.

Sophia Martinez

I hate when he sweats and it drips on me yuck and really bad breath or smelly down below...

Roy Bradley

let me guess no one to pick on or belittle so only 7 comments?

Princ... PrinceMomma486

I do all 5 and don't care....lol....I'm 5 months pregnant and don't feel up to it. Doesn't help that my husband basically "critiques" my performance....

nonmember avatar Me

When he wants to squeeze in a quickie whenever I have an extra 10 minutes. Im not opposed to them in general but just not every time. I think I should be able to enjoy it too not just lay there and wait for him to get off as fast as he can so im not late for work.

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