Man Confronts Girlfriend About Cheating in Incredibly Humiliating & Public Way

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broken candy heartCheating is never good. We all know this. It's awful. It's awful for the people being cheated on and the cheater. But it happens. And it happened to one girl, who got caught in a majorly public way. Apparently she was seeing two guys at once and one of them found out. The guy decided to call the other guy, tell him what was up, and the two of them surprised her together. They called her a slut, many times. All the things you would expect. But they also filmed it and put it up on YouTube. Humiliating. Payback, I suppose, for the humiliation the guys felt as well.

I have my own version of this when I caught an old boyfriend cheating on me many years ago. But the outcome was very different.

I was in college and thought I was exclusively dating a guy we'll call Joe. I had suspected something wasn't right, so I snooped in his wallet and found a phone number. There were no cellphones back then. Well, there was, but only drug dealers had them. I wrote the number down and called it after Joe left my house for work as a pizza delivery guy. (Cue the extra anchovies jokes.)

A girl answered the phone and I told her that I was Joe's girlfriend and found her number in his wallet. She was on the other line, so she told me to hold on while she finished that call. When she returned, she told me that she thought she was Joe's girlfriend. We sorted through the timeline of our relationships and realized he had been dating the both of us for at least a couple of months. He had told her -- Barbara let's call her -- that I was his crazy ex who wouldn't leave him alone. Barbara was cool, very sweet, and hatched a plan. She wanted me to come to her house so she could order a pizza from Joe and we'd both be there to surprise him. Apparently she used to order pizza a lot from him so they could see each other during his work shift. I remember that making me feel really awful.

I went. We first met in a diner parking lot and she was driving a forest green Eddie Bauer Ford Explorer. The very car and color that Joe used to tell me was his favorite. Awful again. I left my car there so Joe wouldn't see it in her driveway and we went to her place. She was pretty and so nice to me that there was no way I could hate her. It wasn't her fault, it was Joe's.

The plan was for me to hide in the closest when Joe arrived and she was going to ask him about his ex and then we'd get his answer and I would come out of the closet. When that moment arrived, I felt sick and was crying. I heard Joe say I was his crazy ex who wouldn't leave him alone, and there was my cue to come out and show myself. He called us both crazy bitches. Neither Barbara nor I said anything as awful as the guys in that video said to the girl, but we did tell Joe how hurt we were. We wanted to know how he could do this to us, and why? He continued to berate us and left.

There are other parts of the story that are hazy, but I do remember crying when he left. Barbara hugged me and said that neither one of us should get back together with him -- that he did this to us and we didn't deserve that, that he didn't deserve us. There I was crying to the girl who my boyfriend was cheating on me with; a stranger who was giving me the best advice. I listened to her. I haven't spoken to her since, but if she's reading this ... thank you. I have so much respect for you. Joe ... bygones.

I'm not sure if cellphones were around back then like they are today that we would have filmed the whole thing. We were both too hurt by the situation, humiliated. Hurting and humiliating the cheater by outing him to the world with a video isn't a healthy way to resolve things. And even though I understand the pain these guys who made the video felt, I can't help but feel bad for the cheater, too. She's clearly upset. I get them wanting to confront her together, but filming it ... that just goes too far.

What do you think? Do you think it's okay for the guys to have filmed it and posted for the world to see? Do you have your own breakup/cheating/confrontation story?


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chigi... chigirl1228

What happened to just saying you're cheating on me and we are done? It seems as if people can never actually grow up and act like an adult. Hatching plans like you are on Scooby doo or some shit is for like 14 year olds. Break it off, find a rebound, and move on.

keelh... keelhaulrose

I considered myself a relatively laid-back dater, and didn't think I was 'exclusive' with anyone until we had a talk about it and agreed together. I did have someone cheat on me after that discussion. I just told him it was over, called him a jerk, and walked away.

nonmember avatar BlueCat

Ug... I made the mistake of watching that video. Completely made me sick to my stomach. Those guys are a-holes.

CLM3345 CLM3345

I need more info on this one. If they had only gone on a few dates and weren't exclusive, then she is not a cheater and definitely not a slut. Now, if she had told them both they were exclusive, she's in the wrong. But no, I don't think they should have humiliated her like that. Even if she was in the wrong, that went too far and they bullied and verbally abused her. I agree with the 2 previous posters - just call it quits and walk away. Everyone is so about drama now that everything is a big deal or blow-up

nonmember avatar blue

I would never do something like this. With that said, if people didn't cheat, they wouldn't put themselves int his line of fire. Ultimately it's HER fault.

Elaine Cox

if two girls had done this to a guy...would the writer be saying the same...DOUBTFUL!!

BGarcel BGarcel

Thank you Elaine Cox! No the writer would praise those women's actions and so would these commenters if the video was of a guy cheating on two women.

nonmember avatar NoWay

She didn't seem to feel too bad about it... but I don't think it was necessary to post it online. I would feel the same if it were two women with a cheating guy, too...

Count... CountJackula

Its not like they kept her there screaming at her and didnt let her get up and leave. She left pretty much as soon as she figured out what was going on. So I dont think that they took it too far at all. So what they called her a "bitch" and a "slut"... well obviously she was being kind of a bitch and slutty for cheating on them. If the roles were reversed and two females did it to a man, everyone would say that it was awesome what they did! 

Eddie... EddiesMama1983

If 2 women did this to a cheating man, y'all would be like, "You Go Girl!".  

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