A Surprising Number of Women Don't Let Their Husbands See Them Naked

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naked in bedSome people like to have sex with the lights off. Other prefer to leave their shirts on when doing the deed. And it's all because of weird hang-ups and body issues we have. As if anyone ever was getting it on while totally naked with the lights on and stopped to say, "Oh my gosh was that your stomach jiggling?!" That just doesn't happen. And if it does you are with the wrong partner unless the two of you get off on stomach jiggling in which case ... you're weird but good for you!

These issues we have don't end when we get married or are with the same partner for years. Sadly. It was revealed that one in six married women haven't let their husbands see them naked in over a year. A YEAR?!

I'm slightly perplexed because I'm not sure how anyone could pull that off. But I also enjoy being naked and have gone about my business cleaning, doing laundry, and walked around my house in the buff. Just ask my neighbors. (Sorry!) Even if you aren't like me, how do you get changed if your husband is in the room? What about showering? No showering together for over a year? Constant hiding in the bathroom behind locked door to change clothes?

It's really sad how so many of us are just that uncomfortable with our bodies that we can't bare to have the person we supposedly love and trust the most see us nude.

The research came out of the UK where 1,902 married women were polled. One in six married ladies don't let their husbands see them nude; and 16 percent have not undressed in front of their men during the last 12 months or more. Nearly half of these women said the reason for this was because of their insecurity about their bodies. A third said it was because of issues with their sex drive. 

The men are noticing (of course they are!), and it's causing arguments. About 40 percent said their relationship is suffering because if this; and 36 percent said they got into an argument with their husband when they attempted to cover up or hide their bodies.

I can't help but feel something much deeper is going on here. I wonder if there was ever a time where a husband said something about his wife's weight or grabbed her belly and made what he thought was a joke (but was actually hurtful)? I wonder if any of these men have any sort of obsession with porn and have made comments about loving a woman's body that was smaller/firmer/thinner than his wife's? We have to look into the cause, and perhaps what a husband should be doing to help his wife not feel so insecure about herself in the nude, or not worried that when her husband sees her naked he isn't repulsed. And many women just have self-esteem issues from their teens and can't accept that their husbands love them for who they are.

Ladies, we need to work on ways to learn how to set ourselves free, get to the root of the issue, and start loving our bodies more. Your marriage depends on it.

Do you get naked in front of your husband or do you have an issue with it? If so, why?

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Coles... Coles_mom

I can say in my case, it's about a decade. He's very critical though and I don't need the additional hits to my self esteem.

nonmember avatar NoWay

I am a naturist, so this is not an issue with me. I prefer my birthday suit over any other "clothing" ... :-)

Heather Louise Grover

My husband LOVES my body, no doubt. Comments on it all the time and yes, he compares. When I say he compares, I mean he makes the comparison in light of how I'm feeling. If I'm feeling 'fat', 'unattractive' or 'jiggly', he says, 'I wish you could see what I see. You're the hottest one here and you're even older." I am the one who is insecure in front of myself, though I will go nude in front of my husband 24/7 - if there wasn't little boys in the house. lol So yes, all women with body issues should talk to a therapist and recondition the way they see themselves.

nonmember avatar julia

my husband and i have three kids under the age of four. it is interesting - i used to have self esteem - body image issues. now i have stretch marks - a little more jiggle. after having my girls - i compare myself to "super woman." ; ) getting naked in front of each other is a daily thing. the sex life - maybe not as much - but way better. we go for quality not quantity. but like i said when we were first married - i was too worried i was not perfect. now i know i am not perfect - never will be. but there is so much more going on - that i dont have to worry about that.

Taisie Taisie

Coles_mom - I thought I saw you say on here that you were getting divorced from that creep.. um, I mean man of yours? I frequently feel so saddened for you when you post things he says and does! You (everyone!) deserves to be treated better than that!

linzemae linzemae

The only reason mine has seen me naked in the past year is because I had a baby. Ive gained too much weight and I prefer no one see me naked

nonmember avatar janey

I relapsed in my eating disorder after I gave birth. I am so ashamed of how skinny I am (5'6'' and 84 pounds), so I cover up as much as possible.

Daisy... DaisyJupes

My guy would murder the clothing I was wearing if I tried to do that and make sure I never did it again (in consensual alternative lifestyle, non-rape way). That being said, I'm still insecure about my chest (too big and gross) and the ingrown hairs that look like acne on my upper thighs/hips and I would be less open if I were in another relationship. 

xreds... xredstarsx

I am 100 lbs overweight and he still sees me naked every day. He's big also but even if he wasn't, he loves me for me.

EmilyH87 EmilyH87

LordK, wow, trolling much?

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