This Public Marriage Proposal Is NOT Every Girl's Dream (VIDEO)

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Not every girl wants a big, public marriage proposal. Especially one on national television. While she’s promoting her do-good, non-profit organization. On national television. Did I mention national television?

That’s what happened to Simone Jhingoor this morning on Today, as Al Roker introduced her to talk about the Women’s Housing and Economic Development Corporation, which does … well, we don’t know what they do. Before Simone got a chance to tell us, she was interrupted by the most awkward proposal ever.

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Her boyfriend Chirag Shah apparently thought it was a good idea to show up, grab the microphone from Al, and give a pretty me-centric speech before asking Simone to marry him.

Take a look:

She said yes, but does anyone else get the impression that she would've rather had the attention on her organization? When Al asked her is she had any idea, she said, "No, not at all -- I thought I was here to give back to the community."

I have a feeling that with such an egocentric fiance, Simone isn't going to have much of a chance to stand in the spotlight.

Would you have been flattered or ofended to receive a proposal like this?

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flowe... flowerfunleah

I saw that this morning! It was definitely super awkward! 

nonmember avatar J

I'd be pissed!!! I FINALLY got a chance to really promote my non-profit on national television and do go FOR OTHERS and then he just hogs the spot light and makes it about HIS great proposal? Of course she said yes, how could she say no? You don't give the girl a chance to say no on public tv. uggg.

knitt... knittykitty99

Guys who propose like this are often fame-whores.  He didn't even look at her afterwards.  He only had eyes for Al (and the camera).  She looked like she wanted to die.

jessi... jessicasmom1

how akward!! I would not want the world to be part  of this 

sweet... sweetcherry_59

OMG....I was uncomfortable watching that. Poor girl :(

nonmember avatar Reilly810

Typical south Asian guy maneuver. They let their parents pick their spouses and then live with them and their new brides. Nothing is private, romantic or sacred. It's all a public display and pathetic, immature checklist behavior. Woman? Check. Proposal? Check. This kind of occasion becomes a showboating spectacle because it's only value to him is that EVERYONE CAN SEE AND KNOWS HES GETTING MARRIED. Grow up, buddy. Hope this girl just said yes on camera and dumps him later. He's a big phony dope.

littl... little.wise.owl

I think it is sweet! As long as they are happy who cares

Courtney Cifuni

i had explained to my husband when we were dating that if anyone, even the cat heard him propose I would immediately say no.  it should be a private intimate experience


nonmember avatar Tara

Jenny Erikson, the word you want is "egotistical," not "egocentric." The former means "huge ego," or "inflated sense of one's importance." But "egocentrism" is a lot like solipsism. An egocentric person assumes that everyone in the world shares his/her perspective. That's not "egotistical," which is what you were shooting for in your article.

Maias... MaiasMommy619

Really?! Reilly810 sounds like you were dumped by an Asian guy LMAO

Anyways, It was sweet..maybe he just wanted to be a guy professed his love for her to the world? It doesnt mean hes a jackass... But maybe he should have done it after she spoke about her organization...nonetheless she said yes and its done with. People need to stop being so mean about situations.


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