15 Lies We've All Told Before, During or After Sex

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Sex can be one of the most intimate and bonding experiences two people can have ... but it can also be a time fraught with uncertainty, irritation and ... LIES! C'mon, we've all lied occasionally about, during, or after sex. "Was it good for you?" can really only be followed by, "Of course it was, honey," unless you want to break up. If it wasn't, bring it up later (gently) in the therapist's office. Here's 15 ways we lie about sex.

1. Being on birth control. Sadly, women do lie about birth control sometimes. One woman confesses to telling her husband she is NOT on birth control even though she is. They mutually decided to have a baby, but after they hit financial and relationship problems, she decided it wouldn't be a good idea. But when she tried to bring up going back on bc again, she says he "knows he'll be mad and upset and think we're breaking up or something."

2. Not being on birth control. Probably the most dangerous sex lie a woman can tell -- secretly trying to get yourself impregnated is never a good idea. Whether it's to hold a relationship together, to twist a proposal out of a guy, or to just have a baby cause you're ready and he's not -- STEER CLEAR of this major lie!

3. Of course I'm clean. New couples should have STD talks with each other -- but usually it takes the form of, "Have you ever been tested?" and then the other person says, "Of course I have. I'm totally clean." In reality, you don't know unless the person shows you test results! And believe me, people lie about it. Some even go so far as to lie when they know they do have an SDT. A model is suing her rich ex after discovering she had herpes, which she believes he gave her.

4. You're the best lover I've ever had. Might be true. But if not, you'll say it anyway.

5. You're the first lover I've ever had. Not everyone lies about this, but some do for some strange reason.

6. Sorry, got my period. One of those sneaky little fallback lies women rely on when they're not in the mood. Some guys don't care and will grab you anyway, but enough do get skeeved that it can be reliably used as an avoidance tactic.

7. Nope, not on my period. For the lady who wants some nookie but is afraid her menses-sensitive guy won't comply if he knows she's flowin', she can just do a clean up and act like she doesn't have it. By the end of the period, should be good for 15 minutes at least. If she leaks, she can be all, "Oh my goodness, I didn't realize!"

8. I never fantasize about anyone else. Right.

9. I never masturbate. Okaaaay.

10. I love giving blowjobs. Usually said in the courtship period.

11. Your penis is huuuuge!

12. It tastes great.

13. You smell great.

14. That feels great. Yeah, even when he's pinching your nipples like a toddler death-gripping a favorite toy.

15. Number of sex partners. Guys inflate. Girls forget.

Have you ever told a sex lie?

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the4m... the4mutts

Ive never told a single one of these. So no, these are not all lies we've all told at some point.

As a matter of fact, IDK that Ive ever told a sex lie to a partner.

Ive lied to friends about how much Im getting sex, or given them a higher number of inches if they ask how big my partner is, but I dont lie to sexual partners.

caral... caralicious

most of these are nasty especially the not on my period one! What if he goes down town and well... any way you should buy equipment if you just cant not have sex while menstruating.  smh


nonmember avatar dave

I'd just like to point out that it's not only women that lie about some of these things. Case in point:

You're the best lover I ever had

I never fantasize about anyone else

I never masturbate (hahahahahah)

I love performing cunnilingus (some most definitely yes. Some others, uh no. I'll just leave it at that)

Your tits are SOOO big!

It smells great (yeah, maybe try using a little soap next time)

It tastes great (see above)

That feels great (no, using your teeth is not good!)

BGarcel BGarcel

I havent told sex lies but my husband has. Dave has mentioned several my husband has lied about.

Todd Vrancic

My wife has no problem letting me know if she needs a little more after I have climaxed and I have no problem giving her what she needs after I have climaxed.  Sometimes we are in sync and it's great, but it's also just fine by me to help her to climax if we aren't in sync that way.  If you truly care about your partner, you want to make sure that your partner gets as much pleasure out of it as you do.

nonmember avatar confused

What is an SDT?

Edwin Bjork

I've told those and a lot more. Best lie ever. "I've been fixed." just to go bare back.

nonmember avatar julius Mock

The all-time biggest military and college lie is "we did it all night". Yea right dude. For a long time I thought something was wrong with me for going 5-7 minutes then laying there wondering whats next.

nonmember avatar Tom Hall

These are NOT 15 sex lies we've all told - PLEASE - true these are sex lies, and many if not most have told 1 or another - but the Journalistic Generality is a disservice to humanity - please don't paint "us" all with the same icky brush - AND readers, please practice careful reading and critical thinking - and honesty in your intimate relationships - if you can't tell him/her the truth, don't have sex with him/her - and THAT's good advice

nonmember avatar Lorraine

I do not like "sex", I never did. I used to try to get out of it. I was married 43 yrs.He passed away several yrs ago. I see nothing too keen about all of "IT". L.

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