8 Ways Real Sex Is Different Than the Movies (PHOTOS)

woman man kissing in kitchenWhen it comes to getting down and dirty between the sheets -- there's something I realized a long long time ago: It's never going to look like a professional video. That's right, I'm talking about porn. No matter how gorgeous you are, no matter how gorgeous your PARTNER is (hey, we can all hope right?) good 'ol fashion romping session is never a vision of sheer perfection.

And you know what? THAT'S OK. I mean come on, no one's offering you a casual million dollar deal a la Farrah Abraham to shave your legs, put on matching panties, and create that perfect "O" face worthy of a national ad campaign.

Thus I present you with 8 differences between a porno and your sex life. Starting with how your man looks.

What would your perfect sex session include?

Image via Blue Images/ Corbis

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nonmember avatar BostonBob

I really only need two things:

1. Time. So nothing has to be rushed or hurried. "Quick before the kids wake up!"

2. Energy. After a long day of work, kids and stuff around the house, not to mention lack of sleep, as much as we'd all like to be full energized at 10pm, doesn't happen much.

The rest (music, lighting, lingerie, hair/hairlessness, grunts/sequeals/moans and facial expressions) is just a bonus.

BGarcel BGarcel

As cheesy as this sounds, my perfect sex session would involve my husband. He is just so freakin sexy!

Angie... AngieHayes

I am hairy like animal, 6 months pregnant.. I can't bend to shave or anything! I think he doesn't mind...

David Nancy

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nonmember avatar Vijay pal

how a girls can satisfy during sex

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