5 of the Most Unsexy Things Moms Do Every Day


5 unsexy things moms do that are complete turnoffsBased on the crazy things I see so many moms doing these days, I'm pretty sure they just don't care about sex. Hey, we're all busy with our kids and jobs and lives, but really? You have no interest in sex at all?

If you're wondering why he might not be so interested in bending you over the bed anymore, you should read on. Remedy these five things and you'll be on your way to better sex. And hey, maybe a better relationship with your spouse.

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Unflattering clothes have to go: You don't need to be well off to dress well. In fact, I'm pretty sure anything in Target will be better than some of the scary things I see moms wearing. And let me just say that you don't necessarily have to walk around in a short skirt and tight shirt. In fact, some of you: Just don't. Mostly, just wear clothes that fit well and have some style.

Stop nagging. Like yesterday: If you haven't figured it out yet, nagging your spouse or partner is a total turn off. And sure, so is his disinterest or lack of support. But hey, instead of nagging, figure out another way to get his attention. Or better, talk about it like adult humans so that you're not treating him like another kid. Who needs another kid?

Put the phone down: When you've always got your smartphone in your hand, flipping through Facebook or liking everyone's photos on Instagram, you're disengaging from your partner. I'm all for technology but there's a point where you need to figure out a way to balance that a bit better so your head isn't always down in a screen, worrying about someone else's business and not your own. 

Self care much?: I'm the first to admit that I used to be terrible at taking care of myself. No make-up. No hair style. Just running out of the house with whatever I could grab from my drawers. Talk about unsexy. It really only takes a few minutes to put some make-up on and do your hair. Or at least, put it in a stylish pony tail.

You are beautiful, no matter what they say: I cannot tell you how many women I know talk so terribly about themselves and their bodies. Just stop it right now. The lack of confidence and continued self deprecation actually ends up being a total turnoff. Who cares if you still have the baby weight and your baby is 5? Wear it proudly.

What are some things moms do that are complete turn offs?


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nonmember avatar c. t.

I thought the article was great! Nice job, from Ms. Kristen. :) (funny, too. ..)

Lane-... Lane-Moja

Great! I always lved what Dr. Laura suggested...shower, perfume, put on something sexy and surprise your spouse even if you don't feel like it. It does wonders for your relationship.

Angie... AngieHayes

I don't shave and put on natural deoderant, I am not sure if this turns my husband off or maybe he has a faint dislike for it, But I hate shaving and I like natural deoderant, even if it doesn't work as well as the aluminum stuff.


the4m... the4mutts

Blah, blah, blah. I agree.

1. My s/o PREFERS me in "frumpy" clothes. If I dress up too often, even in just great jeans and a nice blouse, he starts asking what's wrong with me, and that cant be comfortable, can it?

2. He likes when I wear makeup for "date night", or if I have a parent/teacher thing, but not around the house. He says its a nice change sometimes, but only because it makes me happy to do it. He doesnt like makeup at all.

He couldnt care less if I DO nag, because I usually don't. Though I could see where a constant nagger would be a turn off. Phones or technology, eh, he's just as into it as I am.

My advice? If you want to have a better effect on your man, then be clean, be comfortable, and be yourself. If he doesnt like it, then maybe he shouldnt have gotten with you to begin with.

Unless you pulled the bait-and-switch. In which case its your own damn fault, and you need to go back to your early dating habits lol

B1Bomber B1Bomber

Lol @ "put on some makeup" immediately followed by "love your body."

nonmember avatar Jayamama

I'm 37 weeks pregnant. I feel anything but "beautiful." I wear sweats and my husband's t-shirts unless I'm going out because they're all that fit comfortably these days and because I don't want to be constantly adjusting my clothes around my stomach as I chase my toddler around the house, cook, clean, etc. I'm already uncomfortable enough from having little feet in my ribs and constant lower back pain. Honestly, make up is the last thing on my mind these days. I don't care what I look like if I'm only going to be around my daughter and husband.

But you know what's great? He doesn't care either. He loves me no matter how I'm dressed or if I've showered that day. If we're not having sex often, it's because he's working his butt off to make extra money so he can take paternity leave next month and I'm constantly tired or in pain. We know it's temporary, and our relationship is strong enough to get through it. The last thing I need is an article telling me that if I just cared a bit more, I'd be the perfect wife. Every relationship is different, and while some tips can be helpful, guilt never is.

Heath... HeatherMarieT88

For me right now my self care is getting a shower and blow drying my hair and if I remember, putting on deodorant.. I don't get to get a regular shower just whenever I have the time and sometimes that means skipping a shower for the day so I can get some well rested sleep or catch up on the laundry. I'm not in a relationship but I'll be damned if I enter one where the guy can't accept me for who I am, messy hair, no makeup and walking around in my bathrobe for most of the day. Taking care of my children properly (cooking well balanced meals, making sure my five year old gets enough attention as my three week old, helping with homework, etc) is more important than vanity for me. I don't think that any respectable man would really give two shits if his wife dressed up and wore makeup and curled her hair every day as long as he knew his wife was taking care of their children properly. And if both parents work then both parents should be taking equal turns. He should love her and still be able to find her sexy without all the makeup and frilly things no matter what. If I was married and I had a full time job and my husband was a sahd then I wouldn't give a shit if he shaved his face everyday or remembered to get out of his pjs before two in the afternoon. As long as the children are being well cared for I would find all those things quirky and actually pretty sexy. But that's just my opinion.

nonmember avatar yvettemomof2

Wow this was pretty spot on! I have two boys one just turned 2 last week and another is 8 months so I am pretty busy. I am lucky if I get to brush my teeth. You will be lying if you say your spouse doesn't care if you wear sweat pants and not look put together and you will be lying to yourself if you feel pretty that way.

Jennifer Kettyle

I agree with #3 & #5... The other ones...gee, thanks for making me feel like its my fault and I'm a "bad" wife for not wanting sex. Honestly? I REALLY DON"T WANT SEX!! I have a 3 1/2 yr old, 17 month old and a 7 week old!!!! I'm lucky if I get a shower! Right now, I haven't had one since Saturday and its Tuesday!! As for shaving, I haven't shaved my legs since last winter and I could care less!! As for make-up, I never wear it (other than special occasions) and my husband hates make-up, so that's a non-issue. As for the clothes, right now, being 7 weeks PP, I am wearing what fits, screw everyone else and what they think!! As for nagging, I have to sometimes or my hubby wouldn't do anything some nights! I love him, but he is a guy!

(P.S. And my hubby has enough sex drive for the both of us! He doesn't care what I look like or if I smell! lol)

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