What Most Couples Do on Their Wedding Night Is a Real Shocker

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honeymoon suite rose petals bedFinally! Fiiiiinally! Someone has set the record straight and leveled with all of those brides out there who think their wedding night is going to deliver The Most Magical Romantic Earth-Shattering Fireworks-Lighting Stellar Kickass Sex of Their LIVES. Or even that they'll end up consummating the marriage on that night to begin with! According to a a poll of 2,138 people who were married in the past three years, more than half of couples skip the sex altogether on their wedding night. Ha!

And as if that wasn't smirk-worthy enough, get this ...

Of the couples who didn't get it on on their wedding night, 24 percent confessed it was because the groom was too drunk! Oof. Well, that should reassure a lot of brides who thought they were the only ones stuck with an annoyingly liquored up new hubby, huh? Meanwhile, 16 percent said they passed because the bride was too tired and fell asleep, and for 13 percent, it was because the bride was too drunk. 4 percent of couples say the groom fell asleep. Wow.

Also kind of jaw-droppingly interesting ... 17 percent of respondents waited for more than three days after the ceremony! Guess they had to wait for family members to stop swarming and pack their bags or they had to head out on their honeymoon to score some privacy? Or maybe they just had to wind down from all the brouhaha in order to get in the mood!

Granted, the poll was commissioned by a less than scientific organization: Voucher Codes Pro. But still, I buy the results. And beyond that, I'm grateful for the results. Most people I know fall into this "more than half" group, and there's no shame. I only wish that this was what we talked about more often, instead of perpetuating the harmful myth that after what is likely to the most stressful and/or incredibly emotional day of your life up to that point, the bed's gonna be rockin' harder than ever. Pfft! There's absolutely no need for ridiculous expectations and to put so much pressure on ourselves and our new spouses. Because let's be real. The honeymoon's where it's at!

What do you make of this poll? Do you wish we'd be a bit more realistic and honest with one another about wedding night sex?

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Freela Freela

LOL!  We had sex to 'make it official' but it wasn't the greatest we've ever had.  We were both totally exhausted!  I think I was asleep about 2 minutes after it was over.

April... AprilJune

I was so tired and it took like 30 minutes to get out of my dress lol We did it, but just to make everything official. I am not at all surprised by these statistics.

nekoy... nekoyukidoll

lol sounds about right.

gabe05 gabe05

Okay, this actually does make me feel better, even though I doubt my husband and I were the norm.  We were both virgins and too tired to make everything work quite right!

Emmie25 Emmie25

We Had A Quickie And Went To Bed. Too Exhausted To Be Kinky.

linzemae linzemae

I didnt want to. I was drunk and tired. But he insisted. It was very sloppy and I fell into the nightstand and cried. Like I said, drunky mcdrunkerson! I had a huge bruise on my back for thw honeymoon

MIA0223 MIA0223

No, we waited for marriage and don't drink. So needless to say, we aren't in the stated percent at all! Lol!

nonmember avatar BostonBob

Yup, too tired and buzzed after a long day, mostly on our feet either dancing or mingling. Plus getting her out of all those "garments" took a while.

We did however make up for it the next MORNING

B1Bomber B1Bomber

We scheduled an early afternoon wedding, had a blast at our awesome reception, and were home before 8...and we had already waited our whole lives. We definitely didn't skip the good stuff :)

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