66-Year-Old Actress Is Having More Sex Than You Are

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suzanne somersI've been wondering at what age does sex stop since Miley Cyrus told Matt Lauer that he's way too old to have sex. Is he too old? He's 55. Heck no! According to Miley people over 40 don't do the deed anymore. Lies. All lies. Clearly she doesn't remembered the reality show Sunset Daze about kinky geriatrics. Thankfully the outspoken and totally fabulous Suzanne Somers has come out and shared that at 66-years young, she not only is still having sex, but she has it twice a day.

Let's let that fact sink in for a moment. A 66-year-old is most likely having more sex than you are. How does that make you feel?

Like you want to have more sex, right? It's only one of life's most pleasurable pleasures. Why aren't we having more sex?

We're lazy. We're busy. We're tired. We're not aroused. We're making too many excuses. It shouldn't just be Nike who says "Just do it." Put a little more stress on that "it" -- do it!

Suzanne is not only doing it "a couple times a day" but she's doing it with her husband Alan Hamel who she has been happily married to for 36 years. Thirty-six years of having sex with the same person and they still manage to have the hots for each other a couple of times a day. That, my friends, is a feat. Though she did admit that they are both on hormones. Hey, whatever works.

At the rate you're going, do you think you'll be having sex twice a day once you reach your 60s and beyond? (Mom, please don't answer this.)


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Marta A. Sloane

1; I wish I was as cute as Suzanne Somers. but I'm not. I just had a birthday, not saying the number, but frank;y, still interested in having sex in a LTR-preferably marriage, but the local guys so far not my type..either weird,dysfunctional or some other nonsense. Yeah, its very frustrating, this much celibacy is not good for health and psychological reasons, hope something changes for the better soon.

c_liv... c_livelaughl0ve

Ha! I love this! My husband and I use to - twice a day - before we had kids, since our kids are young, we can't do that. I think once they are both in school, twice a day might come back. Lol. *fingers crossed*

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