Former Teen Couple Finds Love Again 62 Years After Being Separated

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Most of us can still remember our first loves. Whether it was a grand romance, unrequited crush, or light flirtation, something about that first time your heart swells when you see someone, and you cannot get that person out of your mind -- well, decades later, we can still remember the feeling. But most of us will never have contact with that person again -- though with the advent of social media, it's now more likely than ever. But still, there's a Facebook greeting, and then there's this story. A couple who first fell in love in their teens are now in love again -- 62 years later!

Chuck Lewis and Sandy Gutting first laid eyes on each other as a 17-year-old and 16-year-old during a sun-soaked summer in Oceanside, California. Sandy told UT San Diego:

Here was this handsome guy who was interested in me, and I thought it would be fun.

But just like that scene in Grease when Sandy has to leave Danny Zuko, the fun ended when the summer sun sank behind the horizon.

The two went on to marry different people, have families, and live 1,200 miles apart without ever contacting each other. Chuck married and divorced twice; Sandy became a widow with four children.

But the two, now 84 and 85, never forgot each other. Sandy says she would show her kids a picture of Chuck she kept in her closet. Chuck too had his photos -- and managed to keep them secret from both wives.

But in 2007, fate intervened. Sandy was flying to Oceanside, where Chuck still lived, to attend a birthday party. Lewis found out through a mutual friend and got her email address. Ah, so much easier than the olden days!

The two met for dinner, and though it wasn't exactly "love at first sight," Chuck said they had a nice time together and that it was "comfortable."

Now they fly regularly to see each other and Chuck says they are "in love." But being in love for these two doesn't mean moving in together or getting married. They continue to live in separate cities -- while talking constantly, spending holidays together, and visiting regularly.

And with age comes wisdom. Says Chuck:

We are so different that if we were together all the time, I think we’d drive each other crazy.

Hey, why rock the boat, right?

Even without a wedding ring, this is one cute story. And makes you realize the power of first love.

Do you still think about your first love?


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nonmember avatar Jonathan Silber

Now THAT'S playing hard to get.

nonmember avatar Joe Miller

Every girl who broke up with me was doing me a favor. And I did a favor to every girl I broke up with. Viewed from a distance, it becomes clear why things didn't work out with someone.

cherylam cherylam

The guy I had a mad crush on in high school married someone else right out of high school and worked at G.M. as a car hauler. His sister, who was my best friend back then, caught up with me last year, after 40 years. John, my crush & her brother, passed 20 years ago from Lou Gehrigs Disease. Very sad, it turns out that disease took him, another brother, a nephew and their Dad.

rache... rachellann

Me and my high school sweetheart reunited after almost 20 years! Through the power of facebook we now have been together for 3 years and have a happy 1 year old baby boy!

youth... youthfulsoul

I reunited with my teenage boyfriend. Just for a weekend. Couldn't end quick enough. What a d bag he grew up to be.

Anthony Harmon

I've recently started talking with a girl I had a major crush on in school. I moved to the Keys and she stayed in our hometown, but, I'm really thinking hard about moving back home to be with her. I think she is worth it.

MrsMa... MrsMamaWhite

I married my first love/middle school sweetheart. Guess we were meant to be :)

Being... BeingJaneAusten

No, No, No! and hell no! I don't even think about the first Boyfriend or the last i can't even remember his name! LOL! I was very luck to fine a great guy that has become into a wonderful husband for 32 years ^i^

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