6 Things to Say About the New Corvette Stingray to Impress Your Man

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Let me preface this by saying I know very, very little about cars other than that I like shiny ones that go fast. But I do know how to flirt, and sometimes the best flirting is to have a little bit of knowledge about something boys find interesting. Like fast cars. See? In the Venn diagram of things boys and girls both like, fast cars exist in that middle overlapped section.

So I thought I’d learn a little more about the new 2014 Corvette Stingray, because apparently it’s the best sports car America has ever built. So buckle up, I’m about to take you on a ride to learn just enough about the C7 to be able to bring it up in conversation and like not sound like a total ignoramus.

  1. After 60 years, the “Red Sox” of the automotive world finally got it right. This baby is a thing of beauty -- inside, outside, and under the hood.
  2. Zero to 60 in 3.8 seconds. I guess that’s what a direct injection V-8 gets yah.
  3. They modeled the seats after the Porsche 911 buckets to make the cockpit more driver orientated. Plus three words: Hand. Stitched. Leather.
  4. I hear this thing hugs the road so tightly that the grab handles on the passenger’s side are a must.
  5.  What do you think of the boxy tail lamps? The traditionalists really miss the iconic round ones, but I’m a fan of the update.
  6. So what if the mileage (EPA city/highway driving: 17/29 mpg) isn’t that great? 460 horses need to be fed.

Chances are that’s enough to get the conversational wheels rolling with your gear head and maybe even discover that you actually like talking about cars. Or you’ll get caught and he’ll think you’re adorable for trying.

What topics have you learned a little about for your man?

Image via JanetandPhil/Flickr

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nonmember avatar April

Wow. Pretty offensive. If I want to learn about a new car because I find it interesting, I'll just go do that. I sure as heck will not be reciting these gems to my husband. The idea of a non-satirical article providing pre-fab lines about cars for women to parrot in front of men is vomitous. If all you know about cars is that you like shiny ones that go fast, admit it. You'll sound smarter than you would if some guy asked you a follow-up question to one of these stupid lines.

nonmember avatar April

Oh, and PS: He won't "think you're adorable for trying." He'll think you're a twit.

Nh Lifter

And let him know about the Corvette Action Center!


Miche... Michellio

Or maybe don't pretend to know/care about something you don't just to impress a dude.

nonmember avatar Peter Moss

Lighten up, April. It's an internet column.

Be careful, someone might conclude that you're the twit.

Like me, for instance.

nonmember avatar BigRed

The best thing you could say to your man about the new 'Vette is : It's on order for you and will be here on Friday and it's red!

nonmember avatar Man

This comes across like a guy who is trying to impress his woman by talking about shoes. But sometimes it's the thought that counts.

nonmember avatar Clean Willie

"After 60 years, the “Red Sox” of the automotive world finally got it right"

You're right about one thing, you know very little about the topic. The 1963 Corvettes were possibly the coolest car ever made.

nonmember avatar realist

He'd rather you just show him your tits than have you patronize.

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