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orgasm settingsTonight something very special is happening at a school in New York. It's something that women and men all over the world should attend, but obviously due to lack of space isn't going to happen at one venue. It's that important. And it has to do with our rights as women, as people. It has to do with our right to have an orgasm.

The class, offered at Hamilton College (which is highly ranked and considered a hidden Ivy league school) in upstate New York, is called The Female Orgasm and it teaches all genders and all sexual orientations "everything from multiple orgasms to that mysterious G-spot." Naturally, there's outrage, but for no good reason.

People complain that this isn't the sort of thing that should be taught at a college. But why not? It's a workshop, not curriculum. Besides, why are we so afraid to learn about sexuality -- it is truly one of life's greatest pleasures and what is life without pleasure, without happiness?

Most men are able to achieve orgasm easily. But not all women can. If there is a class that could help some women, then that should be welcomed by all. Well, except for those who want to continue to surpress women's sexuality.

If you think a workshop about orgasms shouldn't be taught at college, I can make the same argument about piano. Taking a piano class at college isn't going to change the world. I tickled some ivory in college, experimented if you will, and never pursued it afterwards. I learned a little something (mostly that I was an awful pianist) and moved on. But if I took a class about orgasms ... that would be a learning to apply with pleasure for the rest of my life.

Marshall Miller and Maggie Keenan-Bolger teach the workshop that will help educate students on how to have an orgasm (for those who never have) or a better orgasm (for those who have), and how to help guys know how to pleasure their girlfriend. There are many people in this world who really could benefit from a class like this. And it's not a hands-on class as some have intimated. The sex educators simply share some tips in a fun and spirited way, and hopefully those in attendance learn a little something to take home and try out. Far too many of us fake it and it's about time more of us have the real thing.

What do you think of this workshop? Would you attend?


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D.j. Lord

the minute i read "suppress womens sexuality"...i had to quit reading.

Madam... MadameGarlic

I think I must be very old. This was big in the 70's. I was in high school and I remember reading about this.

Madam... MadameGarlic

P. S. I think it is a good idea for people who need it. More power to them!

MissF... MissFrenchie

And why not? I would take this class if it was at a college in CA. I have a great sex drive but it is very difficult for me to orgasm from intercouse. I can honestly say it's only ever happened for me maybe 10 times without using a vibrator. It's a problem no one talks about but many experience. An orgasm is a wonderful experience and I personally would love to be able to experience that with my partner more often.

BGarcel BGarcel

I would take the class. Why not? And I regularly have orgasms during intercourse.

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