Husband Losing Wife to Disease Does the Most Amazing Thing to Keep Their Love Alive

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swansYou know the whole "for better or for worse" thing that most people pledge during their wedding vows? Well, one man has gone above and beyond to honor the commitment he made to his wife. After Julie Muircroft was diagnosed with dementia, Matt Muircroft re-created their former home in their current apartment in an attempt to make the transition of moving to a new place a little easier for her.

And when I say he re-created their former home -- I mean he made their new place look like a carbon copy of the old one right down to the very last detail. The furniture and colors are identical, and even their nick-nacks and family photographs were put in the exact same area so as not to confuse Julie any further.

Matt was told by doctors that any major changes to her surroundings could cause Julie a lot of anxiety. When he heard that, he knew he had to make their new home feel as much like the home they'd lived together in for 30 years as he possibly could.

And if this couple's story isn't already tugging at your heartstrings, wait until you hear this -- Matt says turning the apartment into a place Julie recognizes has been "the most important job of his life."

Damn. This is what marriage is all about, people -- making your spouse your number one priority in good times and in bad, and doing everything in your power to make them feel adored, taken care of, secure, and happy. (It's not rocket science, but the concept seems to be so tough for some to grasp.)

Think about how unselfish this man is being. It can't be easy for him to see the woman he has known and loved for all these years slowly slip away from him. Instead of worrying about his own happiness, he's solely focused on making life as easy as possible for her. If that's not the definition of a devoted husband, then I really don't know what is.

It's clear that Julie and Matt share a bond that can never be broken -- and the kind of love they have is something most of us can only hope to experience over the course of a lifetime. They are so lucky to have had each other, which is obviously something Matt isn't willing to let go of simply because their circumstances are changing. True love is definitely forever, and this couple sets such a beautiful example that we should all strive to follow.

Would you do this for your spouse, and would your spouse do this for you?


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nonmember avatar Veronica

Such a beautiful story of unconditional love. My dad passed away in April 2012 after having Alzheimer's for more than 10 years. My mom stuck by his side, just the same as this man is sticking by his wife, for better or worse. We should all be so lucky to have true love such as that.

nonmember avatar Brenda

I manage a Memory Care and I stress to families how important it is to bring the familiar worn items from home when they move their loved one it. It kills me when they buy brand new bedding, furniture and even clothes because they are embarrassed to bring such old things. I wish they would do just half of what this dear husband is doing. Familiarity and routine are key to preventing and managing anxiety. Bless his heart.

nonmember avatar Jessica

I would absolutely do this for my husband no questions asked. He is my hero in so many ways and we share a love that I feel will survive everything. He is a wounded warrior and I am by his side every minute I will be the first to tell you that it is not easy but I love him and the way I can show that the best is by doing for him and caring for him and showing it in my actions and what I do for him. Who knew when we got married we would end up years later with our world upside down by an accident in the air force but it did and life is constantly changing just like our moods and feelings and it is so easy to fall out of love when your not doing things to show love for your spouse. I think this is awesome I love these stories and I am living my own love story that I hope will inspire others one day.

Bruic... Bruickson

Jessica, your story is already inspiring! Too many couples don't make it when the going gets tough especially when one of the spouses is injured. I think it's so sweet that you consider your husband your hero. And a big thank you to your husband for his service!

Rebecca Phillips

Amazing, the only word that discribes a love like this.. We should all be so blessed with the ones we love.


Stefanie Byington

Yes I would do this to for my husband!!!


nonmember avatar Dee

I would do this for the one I love.

nonmember avatar GVH

I would absolutely do this for my wife. I never would have married her in the first place if I didn't love her this much.
Whether or not she'd do it for me, I have no idea, LOL

Missy I. Marion

My Husband is My best friend, The love of my life and an amazing step father. Through out the nearly 10 years we have been married we have had alot of life changes. One being my health. I was diagnosed with Diabetes almost 7 years ago and he has been right by my side through it all. He took my daughters in as his own and loves them dearly. I was once told there is no true love , its only lust. After I met my husband I can honestly say he is my true love. The one I have searched for all my life. I love him more and more everyday!!!!

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