Writer Claims She'd Rather Sleep Than Be Intimate With Her Famous Husband

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It's pretty brave, you have to give her that.

In the October issue of Ladies' Home Journal, Lee Woodruff, wife of ABC News' Bob Woodruff and a contributor to CBS This Morning, lifts the veil on one of the most taboo subjects: sex and married life.

Not passionate, just-married life or even explosively unhappily married life.

But regular married life where you've been together for decades. You brush your teeth next to each other. You leave the door open while going to the bathroom a la that Judd Apatow film. That kind.

So after 25 years of marriage and 4 kids, Lee candidly writes that at this point, she'd rather cuddle up with her body pillow.

Reading it, I was riveted. Is this normal? Or "normal"?

I feel like I used to have a handle on what most of my friends' sex lives were like. We all talked about it. It was fun.

Then kids came and it's like a wall came down. Aside from the occasional wisecracks about husbands who've lost their mojo or how crowded their bed is because their kids are always in it, I have no clue whether people are actually having sex or not.

Or whether they even want to.

So it was interesting to read Lee's column mainly because her admission came with the argument that her situation is not a pathology.

"Marriages have seasons," she writes. "And while there's something sexy about conjuring up the old us, there's a peace in accepting that we are past the 'skyrockets in flight' period."

And she isn't saying she's "giving up" either. Her point is that it's always changing.

"I may not be as frisky as I used to be, and he may wish that I'd initiate things more often," she says, "but at our core we are still determined to make it better."

Do you talk to your friends about your sex life?

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nonmember avatar erica

When I still had one, I sure did. I think I must have left my sex drive at the hospital after giving birth to my now 15 month old.

stara... starandseen

Nope, we definitely do not talk about our sex life. It's too taboo, even with friends.   Just like how people don't talk about sex in public, it's the same with us. We're more conservative. 

justa... justamom272

I talk to my best friend about everything. No topic is off limits.

nonmember avatar Ashton

Marriages suffer because once kids come, moms usually ignore the husbands needs. Men see sex like we see hugs and kisses. If he turned you down over and over for hugs and kisses I bet you'd feel down. It takes 10-15 min to take care of your hub in a quickie. Not that hard people

nonmember avatar Alfonso

And women wonder why older men leave their wives of 20, 25, 30 years for the young, hot 30 year old secretary who is oozing sexuality. Face it, ladies! Us men need attention too and if we don't get it we'll find someone who will give it. Just like women will find men who pay attention to them

BGarcel BGarcel

My best friends and I seem to talk about sex frequently. There is nothing out of bounds, just one rule: that we are honest.

I can understand how there are waves of sexual activity in an established, decade long marriage. I hope my husband and I dont get too hung up on that if it happens to us. I hope and actively try to not let it happen but we agree that it is not the end of the world if it does.

nonmember avatar Sophie

You men are so insensitive! What about what a woman needs? What if she is a woman who isn't getting what she needs to feel good? In all honesty if sex doesn't feel good for her then of course she won't want to have sex! Maybe you men should think about really arousing a woman before assuming that she is ignoring you and sleeping with someone else

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