5 Adult ‘Toys’ That Look Too Much Like Kids’ Playthings (PHOTOS)

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toyfriendPsst, where do you keep your sex toys? Hidden away safe from the kids, right? Because there's this hysterical video of a toddler who found his mom's gigantic, wiggly dildo and well, you can just imagine. You HAVE to see it. The poor woman! So what are you supposed to say when your kid gets their mitts on your vibrator? "That is Mommy's special toy. It makes Mommy so happy, she has to play with it by herself. And no, she cannot share it with you. It's too special." Can you blame a kid? You have to admit, some sex toys do look an awful lot like kids' toys. Take a look at these!

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adamat34 adamat34

Omg the rabbit looks nothing like a water gun....where did this author grow up!!!

nonmember avatar erica

Hahahahaha. I just wonder why his dad(?) didn't make more of an effort to take it away instead of taking video. I understand completely how that mom feels. When my son was 5, he found my rabbit(which had a Smiley face etched on it for some reason), decided it looked like a "happy cactus lady", and walked with it into our living room full of company making it dance through the air saying "I'm a happy cactus lady!" My response was to grab it from him as quickly as I could and launch it across the room behind the couch. Then I tried to pretend it never happened. It was a sad, broken cactus lady after that.

nonmember avatar Dianne

Lmao @adamat I totally agree with u! I just do not see any resemblance...That one was such a reach.

nonmember avatar Colleen

You meant "discreet," not "discrete."

nonmember avatar Colleen

You meant "discreet," not "discrete."

Latisha Lafosse

ummm why the hell did the dad just let his kid play with that thing. Omg!

nonmember avatar Park

Yup. Totally played with the rabbit growing up. But it STILL doesn't look like a water gun

Bunny Lee DuChemin Wilson

I think its disgusting that this video was even made, let alone distributed for people to see. These parents have nbo shame and doing that to their child is shameful. If my baby accidentally came acrtoss one of my "toys" (which they would NOT because we keep them locked up, like responsible parents), I'd immediately take it away, was his hands and redirect him to something else. Not encourage him and certianly not make this ridiculous video.

Evaly... EvalynCarnate

It is unfortunate that most "toys" look like actual toys, but I find that children getting into their parent's private "business" is par for the course. Its one of those funny things that happens to the best of us. We laugh and perhaps share the tale with a few people and move on. We certainly do not break out our camera and run to youtube. 

arlis... arliss123

One of my friends found her daughter using her vibrator as a mixer while playing with toy food :)

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