Groom's Hidden Camera Captures Moments Most Brides Never See (VIDEO)

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bride from groom's POV cameraWeddings costing what they do, it seems like brides and grooms are always coming up with creative ways to cut corners ... such as opting for a more unique, budget-friendly approach to videography, like a slow-motion video booth or a 007-ish camera worn by the groom. Yup, the latest idea was carried out by Michael Kammes, who proposed to his bride in 3D, and decided he had to "1-up" his proposal by "recording the event with the first ever (?) groom POV hidden camera." Weird! But ... cool.

Kammes explains that he wore several hidden HD cameras at his wedding to capture every moment from his perspective. He edited the highlights together to create a four-minute clip that puts us right in his shoes on the day he said "I do!"

Check it out ...


There you have it. A little nauseous? I know, me too. But this is certainly an innovative way to later relive the experience of your wedding day! For most of us, it's such a blur ... We only wish we could do it all over again and notice all the little things that made the day so wonderful. I'd guess this video footage really will give Kammes the opportunity to do that. 

Would I personally have done this or asked my husband to do this? Ehhh ... maaaybe if it was discreetly placed somewhere you wouldn't even think about it, and that was certainly hidden from guests' view. And we only did it for, say, the ceremony or the first dance. But Kammes says he actually "used a 1080p 808 #26 keychain camera with a 15" lens extension affixed to my glasses throughout the entire wedding," which I feel like is a major commitment and could have been all sorts of distracting and obtrusive!

Ultimately, though, eh, to each their own. If documenting his wedding day in this seriously hands-on way worked for him and his bride, more power to 'em. I'm sure it will sure be a blast to watch 10, 20, 30 years from now!

What do you think about this approach to wedding videography? Would you do it?

Image via Michael Kammes/YouTube



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nonmember avatar Mo jones

Hi, I was a guest of this wedding.

You misunderstand the description of the specs of the camera Michael used. There was not a 15" protrusion hanging from his glasses. In fact, the camera was so discreet that most of the guests were not aware of it. He posted images of him wearing the rig on his blog, in case you did not check the primary source before re-blogging..

Jaghd810 Jaghd810

How can you even talk about this like it was a bad thing?   Jealous much????  What a beautiful idea for him and his wife.  How wonderful it must have been to see her facial reactions.  Wonderful Idea!!!

momof... momof3_2011

I thought it was very touching. 

nonmember avatar carrie

It had me crying , wish we could have done that for my wedding 22yrs ago loved it

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