Hilarious 'Defined Lines' Goes Viral Because It's the Best 'Blurred Lines' Parody Ever (VIDEO)

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Defined LinesI think it's safe to say that parodies of Robin Thicke's "Blurred Lines" are absolutely everywhere lately. But really -- have you seen Bill Clinton singing "Blurred Lines"? Or how about "Furred Lines" with a bazillion TOO CUTE dogs? So. Awesome.

But the newest parody entitled "Defined Lines" blows all those other ones out of the water. To all the ladies who think that "Blurred Lines" promotes rape culture and Robin Thicke got a little carried away with all these naked women in the song's uncensored version, this one's for you. Prepare yourself to feel slightly vindicated then fall off your chair laughing while watching this parody from the Law Revue Girls, a student group at Auckland University.

Watch "Defined Lines" and see what I mean.


Ha! When the man's eating the sandwich! And I most definitely laughed out loud when the hashtag #notfuckingplastic flashed across my screen.

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Are they pushing the lines a little bit here with this parody? Yeah, I'd say so. I mean, come on, they're walking these men on leashes! I also think it's all in good fun though, and these women just want to show the world what it looks like (and how uncanny it is) when the roles are reversed from the original.

An interesting side note: YouTube even pulled the video briefly on Monday after it was flagged for "inappropriate content." I for one am happy it's back on the web. This is something everyone should have a chance to get a laugh at!

What do you think of "Defined Lines"?


Image via Law Revue/YouTube


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wdenise wdenise

Um...that was awesome :)

Katie DeHesa

good for them

who flagged this one on you tube and not the one with the naked whores??


sweet... sweetcherry_59

I'm just commenting so I remember to watch this when I'm not in the office :)

Rando... Randomlady

This is great feminazi bullcrap. I'm all for women being equal, and as we stand right now we are pretty close to it here in America. Sure, we have some old fashioned things that are going to take decades to get rid of but really? This spoke volumes of what they want, men on their knees licking their shoes. This is NOT about equality, this is about women being the rulers of the world. It also mentioned castrating the men. Does this all sound like this came from a sane mind?Also, the original song was about girls in clubs coming onto men and the guys being alright with it. It's only sexist if you think women shouldn't have sex with men.

Rando... Randomlady

Katie DeHasa, that comment took us back to the '50's I want you to know.

How are these men any different than those women? Because they are more visually appealing to you? That doesn't make it any better. And why do we have to cover "our shame"? I thought cafemom was all about "you are beautiful no matter your body" I didn't know it was "unless you are a fit 20 something year old who never had children" . If you are going to be sexist at least choose a side, right now you are sexist against women.

And, whore means they are getting paid for sex. They aren't having sex but they sure are being paid. These men are "whores" too. Even yourself, I mean you do have your lovers money don't you? Educate yourself.

Samantha Marshall

I love this.. find it funny as hell, and think it's all in good fun Randomlady, don't take it so seriously.... it's just a joke.

Rando... Randomlady

Samantha, feminism is actually a very serious problem. Would you believe me if I told you there are actually women out there who believe in everything this video mentions? Have you read about "world castration day"? Sometimes innocent people think it is just a joke.

XXAdo... XXAdoramydearXX

I actually find this as bad as the original. It is funny but if they are so against sexism why are they treat (sexy) men the same as that pig Thicke treated woman in his. 

nonmember avatar me

Dont want you come on my face XD lol only a guy would think thats hot or sexy. It was funny, but I still like the original one too. Thats before miley ruined it at the vmas.... now everytime I hear it all I can see is her

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