8 Biggest Mistakes People Make When Trying to Get Over a Breakup

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heart candyBottom line is, breakups suck. It's devastating to think about all those years you've invested in a relationship with someone who ultimately was not worthy of your love. Sadly, the pain doesn't exactly end on the day you officially call it quits. For a lot of us, post-split behavior can extend that suffering. Take a look at the 8 biggest mistakes we make when trying to move on.

  1. Jumping in the bed with the first new guy that comes around. It may feel good in the moment, but a one-night stand is never a fix for a broken heart.
  2. Pretending you're fine with the split even though you are dying inside. Hiding how you feel will only make you feel worse and prolong the pain.
  3. Listening to too many sad breakup songs.
  4. Getting into new relationship right away. You need a chance to figure out how to live your life without your ex and get to know yourself again. You can’t do that if you are already preoccupied with someone new.
  5. Facebook stalking him. Seeing pics of him with some other girl will crush you.
  6. Talking to or hanging out with him. A clean break is best if you really want to move on.
  7. Throwing away EVERYTHING he ever bought you. Why take your anger out on that awesome bracelet or fab Louis Vuitton bag he bought you. Consider it your payment for the crappy job of once being his girlfriend.
  8. Destroying the stuff he left behind at your place. It's silly, petty, and possibly criminal. Just box it and leave it outside the front door. Tell him if he wants it, he better come and get it before someone swipes it.

What other mistakes do people make when trying to get over an ex?


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adamat34 adamat34

Hmmmmm......was this stir writer late for study hall because of this article? Not everyone has.the mentality of an immature girl.

Todd Vrancic

Do not put them outside your door after they are boxed.  You could open yourself to criminal prosecution and civil action.  Box them up, send a registed letter, return receipt requested, telling them you have them and making arrangements for pick-up.

Linda Lee

This is a very good way to get rid of all the hurt and negativity after a break up. Write him/her a letter where you tell him/her about all the good things and the good times of your relationship. Now you also write down all the hurtful things you have on your mind. Tell him/her about all the tings you wish you have said and all the things you wish you never did. Once you have poured your heart out on paper, burn the letter. That's right. Please, whatever you do, don't send the letter. Burn the letter and watch the flames consuming it. In your mind, this act will give you closure. However, Getting back an ex isn't that hard. Entering into a new relationship with your ex is not impossible, as many people have done it already. Many times you realize the positives only after relationship ends, and that makes you reunite with the partner. This phase is actually a golden time to know your self independently. Looking back, jotting down your memories, observations and analyzing the past would make you grow strong with clarity. I personally went on analyzing this question - ""What's the best way to get an ex back without coming across as a needy person?" and found solutions here, sharing for anyone who can get help: http://howtomakeanexboyfriendwantyouback.com

Autumn Mansfield

its ok to be friends wit a xbf but its not ok to bring up the past things he or she did but I still have some stuff I will get rid of soon from my xbf like taken the clothes and bring them to a salvation army or a goodwill

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