Johnny Depp Makes Open 'Dating Pact' With Amber Heard -- Good Luck With That

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Johnny Depp and Amber HeardJohnny Depp. He's the sexy rebel who has made us swoon for years. We love his bad boy ways and have never expected the expected from him. So news of the 50-year-old's (I know, hard to believe he's 50!) "dating pact" with current girlfriend Amber Heard, 27, isn't necessarily surprising. It just feels doomed for disaster. 

First there were reports that Heard was getting fed up with Johnny 'smothering' her. Reportedly the tanking of The Lone Ranger had Johnny bummed out, and he was leaning too hard on her, driving her crazy. Now, Look magazine is reporting that Depp, willing to do anything to keep her, has laid out a very liberal "dating pact" that allows her to dip into the bisexual pool that she frequented before she and Depp became an item about 14 months ago (Heard previously dated photographer Tasya van Ree for four years). 

A "source close to the couple" said:

Johnny always knew this aspect of her life was important and he says as long as she makes it clear he’s her number one, she can do whatever she likes. It’s liberating for both of them. They are both very honest and open with each other and this pact has just made them stronger as a couple.

One of the stipulations is reportedly that she must tell him who she's with and what they're doing. AND that she must limit her extra affairs to women only.

Amber’s always been honest with Johnny and told him from the start that she can’t change who she is, and that she’ll always be interested in women as well as men. He has now promised her it’s fine if she has someone on the side, as long as they’re the same sex.

IF it's true (I'm skeptical that he'd really reveal something so personal), it all sounds so modern and accepting. We know monogamy certainly doesn't always have the best record, and if it works for them, then great. I just don't see how it will.

He seems to adore her, and she wants more. While there's usually one partner in a relationship who likes the other a little more, this seems bigger than that. His "pact" seems like a desperate move to try and keep her when she may not want to be kept.  I hope it works out for them, but my guess is we'll be seeing news of their split sooner rather than later.

What do you think of Johnny Depp's dating pact with Amber Heard?


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Avi Val

This is FANFICTION or deliberated bullshit, sorry.

They don't talk about their relationship in any interviews, so do you really believe an unknown tabloid from england going to have insiders on their bedroom? Also Amber has said that she only dated ONE woman before (to "Edit Magazine") and only dated men before and now, why would she need women so much now, when before she didn't? 

All these BS is so disrespectful with bisexual people. Like they can't be faithful or monogamous. Like bisexual means "bi-gamous" or worse than that bisexuale = bi-slut. 

nonmember avatar Cherie

Julie is smart to be skeptical. Depp NEVER lets the public & press in on his actual private life. I just can't figure out if this is a) prepping ppl for a breakup and he's being a gentleman by letting it look like she's dumping him, and/or b) additional PR for The Lone Ranger, which had a big opening in Spain this weekend.

We're supposed to believe that the beautiful but struggling actress is dumping one of the most sought-after men in history, an A-list, still sexy at 50, funny, wealthy, fascinating superstar? And that after he's supported her by getting her several roles in films, showering her with flowers & gifts, letting her travel all over the world & be photographed with him, she can't in turn give him a little support when he's down? Who needs her? Not him. They could have had this little pact all along & not announced it. It's ridiculous.

Donna Jones

If your lucky enough to have Johnny Depp in love with you,why in the WORLD would you want or need ANYONE else...

Eddie... EddiesMama83

It's so funny. Depp heartbroke his longterm girlfriend for a girl who's young enough to be his daughter and now it looks like she's going to break HIS heart....for another girl most likely.

nonmember avatar Jill

Johnny Depp is looking more and more desperate and ridiculous with this girl. She is playing him like a fiddle. I guess there is no fool like an old fool!

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