Simon Cowell & Lauren Silverman Are Officially a Happy Couple Now

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Simon CowellAre Simon Cowell and new girlfriend Lauren Silverman trying a little too hard to show the world they are happy and together? Yes that's right! She is officially his girlfriend now! The couple was recently spotted and photographed all lovey-dovey while kissing and canoodling around France on holiday. Silverman is now back at home in the Hamptons spending time with her 8-year-old son Adam, but not before she and her 20-years-older boyfriend were snapped in a smooch that didn't look anything like a contrived, posed and publicist-directed shot coming out of a London restaurant -- no not at all!

Cowell has also reportedly been teasing reporters who keep asking if he's going to marry his babymama, to which he just gives them open-ended answers intended to keep them guessing. He's clearly really enjoying this. You have to admit he did do a pretty good job of diffusing what was promising to explode into a very embarrassing situation with the discovery of the affair and a potentially messy divorce for Silverman.

Heck, that whole thing was so short-lived, we have to doubt whether any of that even happened at all. I mean ... look at that smooch! Aren't they a sweet couple?

Where do you think this relationship is going? Is marriage in the cards?


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nonmember avatar lynn roach

What else can he do now, hes been proved to be shallow at best for having an affair with his friends wife. Now hes to be a dad to an un planned child. With an ego as large as his, rather than admit hes fallen for the oldest trick in the book, its better to play the loved up doting boyfriend, mind you hes nearly old enough to be her dad. Anyway lets have a round of applause for lauren, shes hit the jackpot, they both disgust me.

Linda Lee

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