Wedding Slow-Motion Photo Booth Is So Cool, You'll Want to Get Married All Over Again (VIDEO)

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quang ellie slow motion photo boothBack when my parents got married, all you needed was a one-man-band photographer to snap some shots of the ceremony, the happy couple, the bridal party, the families, and a bunch of guests sitting around big round tables, and boom, done! My, how times have changed. Now, you feel like you're missing out if you don't have amazing photographer(s), videographer(s) (or if you wanna get really fancypants about it, a cinematography team!), and a photo booth, which guests seem to go crazy for every time. Bye-bye, budget!

However, a supercool new trend may be the solution to killing at least two of those birds with one stone: A slow-motion video booth! It's exactly what it sounds like -- aka AWESOME. Recently married couple Quang and Ellie had video production company Super Frog Saves Tokyo set one up at their reception, and it looks like their family and friends had a blast. Check it out ...

Ah, so fun!! Why didn't I know about this six months ago?! Having something like this really would make you question whether you'd need to spend on a full-fleged videography package, right? Although, I'm happy we have footage of our venue and ceremony, really, the most important part is seeing all of our loved ones having a blast, and clearly, this accomplishes this to the nth degree. And what couple wouldn't want that?! Hence why this is definitely the next big thing for weddings.

Would you want this/do you wish you could have had this at your wedding?


Image via Super Frog Saves Tokyo/Vimeo

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Survi... Survivingthe2nd

I am so in love with this idea!!!!!!! Love love looooooove it!!!!!

Coles... Coles_mom

I wish I had friends and family like that!! My family are super-churchy and never tasted alcohol - most definitely wouldn't be in the same room as it. My wedding was a very vanilla affair. Looks like it'd be fun.

nonmember avatar Monica

It's not my cup of tea.. reminds me of something youd find a child doing if they were recording themselves...

don't get me wrong I love to have a good time and get y drink on but it just seemed so boring and lame..

jalaz77 jalaz77

Yes this is awesome! OMG my wedding would of had a blast with this!

nonmember avatar Me

Meh, looks like fun but im sure its expensive. I had my brother in law videotaping the service and taking pictures in the reception. Didnt cost me a penny. I see no reason going to dept for a party. If you have the money then go ahead

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