Robert Pattinson Makes Shockingly Raunchy Confession About Filming 'Little Ashes' Sex Scene (VIDEO)

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Little AshesSometimes, there is such a thing as too much information, and movie magic should just stay movie magic. But apparently Robert Pattinson doesn't think so because he recently divulged some rather raunchy details about the sex scenes in Little Ashes in the September 2013 issue of Germany Interview magazine.

While filming sex scenes, it can be easy to imagine how awkward it must be for the stars as well as the crew, watching them cry out in fake moans and grunts while writhing around together nearly nude in artificial ecstasy. As the director is watching and telling them what to do, of course.

But apparently RPattz's ecstasy in Little Ashes, well ... it wasn't so fake. While acknowledging that, when you google him, everything there is to know about him pops up -- "what I eat, what my poop looks like, with whom I'm sleeping, even what I look like when I masturbate ..." -- he then revealed something that we actually never knew before.

So, ahem, um, it seems that in Little Ashes, our beloved Robert admitted that he actually masturbated while filming the sex scenes. Apparently faking it “just doesn’t work .... so I pleasured myself in front of the camera. My orgasm face is recorded for eternity.”


Wait, is this movie on Netflix?

Anyway, he also opened up about his experience with making the movie and how it almost made him stop acting. But then another little franchise called Twilight came along, and soon enough, RPattz became a household name as Edward Cullen. Good thing he decided not to quit for good!

"I once decided to quit acting; it was when I did Little Ashes," he explained. "I played Salvador Dali and had to do a lot of scenes where I was naked, and I also had to masturbate. I mean really. A couple of days later, I was given the offer to do Twilight."

He went on to confess: "The Dali production was the worst, it was mortifying .... We were all hanging out by the pool, trying to loosen up. I was nervously clinging to the edge-and before I could turn around, the Spaniard was already naked."

"He happily swam towards me," Rob continued. "And I didn't have a clue how to react. I felt like Mr. Bean."

All these comments he's made are just ... really weird. This movie was made over five years ago, so I guess I could see how a 21- or 22-year-old RPattz would be very uncomfortable with these scenes and being around naked men. But why bring this up now anyway? We're so used to Rob being very intensely private and tight-lipped; now it seems that anything goes. Discussing masturbating on set? Sure, why not!

Of course, being the complete sicko that I am, I went through YouTube trying to hunt down this iconic sex scene (sorry, I haven't seen the movie). What I saw wasn't ... well, if that were actually Rob's true "orgasm face," you could only see it for a couple of seconds, and you can barely see his expression. Womp.

Check it out. Sorry about the music, this was the best one I could find:

So, um, is this Rob's "orgasm face"?

Robert Pattinson

Wonder what Kristen Stewart thinks about all of this?

Kristen Stewart

Well, we'll have to take Rob for what he says as the truth. Good to know that his "orgasm face" will be forever preserved on film. I think. And if these were actually some tongue-in-cheek comments taking us all for a ride, well, first round goes to RPattz. We just can't get enough of anything this guy says!

Do you think Robert Pattinson was serious when he was making these comments? What do you think about what he said?


Images via rogel2006/YouTube

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nonmember avatar Lori

TMI - publicity stunt for Dior and to make people think he's so serious about his craft that he takes it to the "nth" degree for artistic merit. He's alienating the rest of those Twihards who weren't offended by being called crazy, fat and old? So, if he really masturbated because he couldn't "fake it", that must mean he really had to have actual sex on screen with Kristen Stewart, Emilie DeRavin, Christina Ricci, Kristen Scott Thomas, Uma Thurman, Juliette Binoche, Natalia Tena, Samantha Morton, Patricia McKenzie and any other random extras from his movies in order to give an "authentic" O face?! Well, hell, if he can't fake an orgasm, maybe he should consider a new profession?!

Kate Cooley

I think I might want to see him as a Mr. Bean type of character now.

Mary Meskimen

and now im gonna have to watch it....

nonmember avatar Jaime

The scenes in that YouTube video is not the scene to which Rob is referring. It's in another part of the movie when the other guy is getting busy with his girlfriend while Rob is in the room and his character is 'enjoying himself' too. It was awkward to watch Rob doing that to begin with and now that he says it's the real deal, it's even more disturbing. TMI Rob!

JustJoanie Nelson

Oh my Gawd! You people will fall for anything! Rob has always been known to stir the pot and make goofy statements. I just can't believe anyone actually believes him. I own this movie and Ive seen it a dozen times, the scene where he masturbates is truly cringeworthy. It's the worst fake masturabtion scene Ive ever seen. If he really does masturbate like that and make those absurd fake faces it's enough to turn one competely OFF!!

Tanya Walsh

Rob never talks serious details.

He makes stuff up as he goes. He has admitted this many times.

He does it for the shock factor, & all the drulling fans eat it up.

Tanya Walsh

Come to think of it, compare his "cum" face in "Little Ashes" with the one in "Bel Ami" when he's watching Uma's husband die. Same exact moment.

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