Cheating Husband Tries to Sell His Motorcycle for Divorce Money in Hilarious Ad

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If you have to deal with going through a divorce, I guess it makes things easier to keep a light attitude about it. And apparently that's what one dude's philosophy is in trying to sell his motorcycle by posting an ad in the Indiana classifieds that's anything but conventional.

Along with a picture of his bike, the ad reads, "2002 Harley Davidson V-Rod. 12,600 mi. nice bike, fast, pretty, great ride, girlfriend pregnant, wife knows, must sell, lawyer wants money. $7,800."

OMG. Don't ya love it? I'm really not sure who to feel worse for, here -- the wife, who this dude obviously isn't upset about losing, or the pregnant girlfriend who is gaining a cheater who no longer rides a Harley! (You know the bad boy thing is what probably drew her to him in the first place.)

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You have to admit, this guy is pretty clever. If you were in the market for a new bike and saw his ad versus the standard ones, wouldn't you be more inclined to give him a call than the other sellers? I mean, he deserves a few extra points for creativity, if nothing else.

This kind of reminds me of the ad a jilted lover posted for her mattress when her partner cheated on her -- remember that? She had this detailed ad on Craigslist in an attempt to sell the mattress she shared with this dude for $150 where she basically ripped him a new one and made everyone laugh like hell in the process. (You gotta love it.)

With any luck, this guy will get the cash he needs to move forward with his divorce. And since his girlfriend is pregnant, it doesn't sound like he'll have any time for that Harley for at least the next few years or so.

Did this ad make you laugh?


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Yep--made me chuckle.

mbnic... mbnich0269

Nope. I wouldn't want to help a cheater out.

nonmember avatar Kim tee

Why do i find this hysterical?

nonmember avatar jj

omg that's a fort wayne, in area code. lol that's where im at. serves him right that hes gotta sell the bike. hope his wife takes him for all hes got.

redro... redrobin83

jj- Don't look like the wife is getting much if he has to sell his bike to pay a lawyer LOL

Alilly Greco

Really? You're on this dickwad's side? Whoever wrote this article needs to be cheated on a few times and see if it's really a laughing matter.

Tarot Tarot

Too bad my little cheater didn't have to do something like this.

nonmember avatar JLW

Hm,... I wonder if my estranged BIL does that too, FOR THE SECOND TIME.

Carissa Griffith


Tara Tyndall

Made me laugh AT him lol.  Stupid here goes and cheat on his wife and now he's got to sell his ride lmao.  New dad, when he obviously wasn't ready for it and probably didn't want it (cheaters often don't,) but he has to take responsibility anyway.  Now if the gf turns out to be psycho he's going to have to deal with her for the rest of his life cause they have a kid together.  He lost his wife, to top it off has to sell his bike for a lawyer lmao.  I hope the nookie was worth it lmao. OMG I can't stop laughing at this idiot,  this is just too perfect.

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