Full-Frontal Alexander Skarsgard Kicks Off the Most Hilarious Debate About the Male Body (PHOTOS)

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  • The Epiphany


    "I saw the stake between Eric Northman's legs on @TrueBloodHBO. If THAT'S what a man's supposed to look like, I've been doing it wrong ... "

  • The Pleasant Surprise


    "Oh my goodness me!"

  • The Internal Struggle

    "Shrinkage from the cold perhaps ... ? No, it was a respectable size. Having said that, I would have rather seen Jason, Alcide or Jessica's new Kurt-Cobain-ish boyfriend do frontal nudity."
  • The "Yes, Please"


    "Alex's body is ridiculous and what he was packing looked damn good to me. I can just imagine what that gorgeous thing would be like at full attention."

  • The Equalizer


    "Wow, lots of harsh comments. His penis while not big was completely normal and FLACCID. Things get bigger when erect. I'd have no complaints if he wanted to share with me his normal sized, lovely penis. His sex appeal goes beyond all of that anyway. Glad he felt comfortable with his body to share it. As such I don't think people should be so critical. It's shallow, RUDE, and unbecoming."

  • The Huh?


    "So basically all the women who watch True Blood watch it for the 'hot men' on the show and are hoping to see their genitals? And then when they do see them, they expect too see something freakish like a porn-star? Now I know why my wife likes to watch the show."

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