7 Nasty Things We Do for Love

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gross things loveAccording to the 1970's flick Love Story, "Love means never having to say you're sorry." Well, it also means doing some gross things for one another and not feeling (too) bad about it. Have you ever picked a boyfriend's zit? Watched him go to the bathroom? Well, I haven't (I have a weak stomach for that kind of thing), but I would venture to say that the grand majority of couples have and are fine with it.

The reality is, after you have been together a while, you just kind of deal with the everyday nastiness that comes with being human. You love each other and you see beyond it. Period. The end.

So what are some gross things we do for love? After asking around and giving the matter much thought, here are 7 of the nastiest things my fellow marrieds said they have done for love (and would be willing to do again). See below:

1.) Scoop the cat box: My friend says: "I hate my wife's cat, but she is pregnant, so it's the least I can do. There I am scooping his nasty poop every day and tying it off in a baggy. I am such a good husband." Ha. I hear him. My husband scoops the cat box even though it's my cat because I am pregnant. HE HATES IT. But he does it. Sure, he grumbles and he washes his hands like a maniac after, but I know he will do it every time I've got a bun in the oven because, hey, he loves me.

2.) Look at "bumps": "My husband is ALWAYS asking me to look at something he can't see that is itching or hurting," my friend said. Yup. Sounds like a man, no? Often it isn't something we want to see, either. In fact, I would say 99 percent of the time, it's not. Still, we do it. We love them and if they have some strange lesion on their back, we need to be helping them figure out what to do. True love, man.

3.) Rub feet: This one goes both ways, but yeah. Feet are gross. And still we rub them. I have been known to put my just-out-of-sneakers-after-a-20-mile-run feet in his face and demand only: "rub." And sometimes he has even done it.

4.) Clean up vomit: If your spouse is sick, who is gonna do it? You, obvi. Kid vomit is one thing. Adult vomit is a WHOLE other ballgame. Still, I would never make my poor sick husband scrub up the remnants of his puke-fest from the toilet rim. That's my job. Even as I gag.

5.) Pick his teeth: Ever had your husband look at you and ask if something is stuck in his teeth? Ever had him ask you to dig it out? No? Then you are in the minority. Dozens of women and men I asked have done this nasty task and they have done so happily. If it helps him not look like a freak (which reflects badly back on you), then it's worth it.

6.) Let him pee (or worse) while you shower: In our newlywed days, when we lived in a one-bathroom apartment, this happened all the time. We learned to live with it. Now, I didn't do the same. But that is only because I would rather hold it for hours than do most of those things in the same room as him. But I am the minority there, it seems.

7.) Pop a zit: Personally, I have never done this (see my aforementioned weak stomach), but plenty of women and men say they have and it's no biggie. So whatever. I get it. It's cool. It's love. And who can argue with that?

What gross things have you done for love?

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nonmember avatar AJ

I groomed downstairs last week and this week I had some ingrown hairs. I couldn't get to them good enough (I still have some babyweight), so my husband was so sweet and he took care of them for me. I love that man.

Wheep... Wheepingchree

Ew to all of those except the pee one. And the vomit one. I have no problem peeing on front of my husband or him peeing in front of me. Never poop though. We've been together for 7 years and pooping in front of one another will bever happen. And I will always clean up his puke if he got sick. But picking something from his teeth??? Gag.

nonmember avatar Ariadne

I can't believe you marry and have sex (the most intimate act), go through childbirth with, but cannot perform perfectly normal bodily functions in front of your SO?! That is crazy. Every BODY goes through those actions (defecating, farting, burping, vomiting, getting spinach caught in ones teeth?)?!! Share LIFE! Good grief. Grow up!

momat... momatoaprincess

I do everything in front of my SO we have only been together for 3 and a half years but he is still head over heals in love with me and I him. I figure if he cant see every part of me and still love me well, then it wasnt meant to be. :)

Amy Hernandez

My husband earned the "Greatest Husband Ever" prize a couple of months back, when I suddenly threw up while laying on my back on my bed. It was a truly Exorcist moment. I managed to puke on EVERYTHING within a 10 foot radius, and he calmly helped me out of my clothes (which were SOAKED) and got me in the shower. By the time I got out he had cleaned up everything and covered the bed with comforters so I could lay back down while the mattress pad and ALL the bedding was in the wash.

OneAl... OneAllergicMama

I only get mad if he flushes when I am in the shower regardless of the prize left behind in the potty :)

Ashleigh Wilborn

Ive done all of that and then some. LOL. especially when he had stiches in both hands. cant get them wet so I had to wash everything. I mean EVERYTHING. hahahahaa when you've been together 11 years you dont even think about how "gross" things are

mrssu... mrssundin

I've done all those things in front of my husband or for him he acts normal around me too. My goodness it is normal human behavior and bodily functions were talking about.

lived... livedove13

Is that all ya got?? LoL! Then most of you will puke after reading what I did for love...
My husband had an abscess that would come up periodically, get very large and
burst. He was a disabled veteran, and would ONLY use the VA. The nearest one being 3 hrs away.
Every time, it blew on the way there. He was misdiagnosed for 7YRS.

It came back suddenly, and he was in agony.Off to the ER. I have yet to mention just  where this abscess was.It was about a 1/4 inch from his rectum.The doc lanced it, and referred him to a local specialist, who thought it was an anal fistula, but to make sure, it needed to be packed 2x a day with 1/4in gauze for 6weeks, to see if it would heal.Well now...after being misdiagnosed for all those years, it had begun to tunnel.Nurse showed me what to do.So, with the stick end of those long qtips, I started packing.

The first night it hurt him so bad, I cried, and said I couldn't do it.He told me it was ok, he'd go to doc and let them do it. The next morning? I went, oh HELL no.My husband needs me, I WILL do this!For the next 6weeks, he bit a pillow whilst I packed his ass with up to 5 FEET of gauze.It was gross, and I hated hurting him, but we got it DONE.Together.He wound up having surgery to fix it.

I didn't want to, I didn't like it,but I loved him, so I did it. Kinda makes popping a zit pale in comparison!

lived... livedove13

The one thing that did sorta skeeve me out was when we were still dating. I had stayed at his place, didn't bring a toothbrush, and he told me to just use his...at first, the thought of it totally grossed me out! Then I thought for a moment about the nite's activities. Since I had pretty much every one of his body parts in my mouth the nite before?? Using his toothbrush wasn't that bad.


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