20 Things You Can Do to Forget Your Ex -- Inspired by Kristen Stewart

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kristen stewartBreakups are hard. No one knows that better than Kristen Stewart. She has been miserable since she and Twilight costar-turned-boyfriend Robert Pattinson officially called it quits. The actress has been having such a hard time, she's been throwing herself into work in an attempt to move on. Her newest passion project: writing a movie script. Sources tell Hollywood Life that she has also signed up for an English course at UCLA. She certainly could use the distraction right now and what a wonderful and productive way to channel her energy. Here are 20 great ways to help get your mind off your ex.

  1. Start a novel.
  2. Train for a marathon.
  3. Learn to kick box (just don't pretend the punching bag is his head).
  4. Take a language class.
  5. Look for a new job.
  6. Get a pet.
  7. Start your own blog on something you love.
  8. Take on an extra project at work.
  9. Go visit family members in another state.
  10. Plan a trip with your BFF.
  11. Volunteer at a children's shelter or soup kitchen.
  12. End your diet and enjoy food.
  13. Take a cooking course.
  14. Have a Brad Pitt (or any other hot actor) movie night.
  15. Join a sports league, like softball or volleyball.
  16. Revamp your wardrobe.
  17. Read a stack of novels, even if it's mommy porn like Fifty Shades of Grey or silly chick lit.
  18. Plant a garden.
  19. Start biking.
  20. Try giving up something that's bad for you -- aside from him, of course.

What are other things women can do to get their mind off a bad breakup?


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nonmember avatar Jennifer

I agree with most of these except #6 get a pet. That is a commitment, not something to take lightly. It may take your mind off of a break up but once your over the break up, your pet will still be there for years to come. You need to make sure thats actually something you want. Its basically like saying "your single now, ok go adopt a baby" not really thought through now is it?

Guy-Julie Janssen-Jeffery

Take your time few years later maybe rekindle love who knows! Miss true soulmates

Rita Curry

 I agree, give, Rob time to really think about what he has done, by moving out. Also both of you need to sit back and talk about, the Rupert, thing and why did happen. Counseling together, mey help a lot. You have come from, 2, hugsseparate backgrounds, as well, and should discuss that. and where each of you want to be, in the relationship, 10 o 20 years. Just get on the same page, for a while. If you can't work it out together, then part, with fond memories.

Sufia Mariyah Zamir

i dont agree with the chick lit bit. you need something to take your mind OFF the whole thing. reading chick lit doesnt really require you to concentrate, which allows your mind to wander to your failed relationship. if you do read something, find a tom clancy or a jeffrey archer, something which really taxes your brain

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