Do You Wear Sexy Sleepwear in Front of Your Kids?

Victoria's SecretWe all have style and beauty extravagances, whether it's 50 shades of nail polish, a closet full of shoes, or a drawer packed to the brim with scarves.

My own vice? Pretty nighties, like this Victoria's Secret Satin Halter Slip.

I've always loved wearing gowns that are both sexy and comfortable, and I've discovered that having kids doesn't have to put a damper on my habit. With a little bit of effort, I've managed to find nightwear that's both kid-friendly and husband approved.

But some moms think my unmentionables are out of line. When I shared some of my favorites over at The Prowl, one mom Tweeted: 

Really?! Children don't need to see sexy sleepwear. COME ON.

So now I'm asking you, readers: What do you think? Can a mom still wear (reasonably) sexy sleepwear in front of her kids, or is she obligated to stick with old t-shirts, mens pajama bottoms, and Lanz nightgowns?

What do you think?

Here's another look at what I'm talking about.

Soma IntimatesI actually own this Ravishing Noir Chemise (Soma Intimates, $54.95) and I absolutely love it. It's sexy, comfortable, and completely full coverage so my children don't get a look at anything they shouldn't be seeing. I typically wear a robe with nighties like this one, but if someone wakes up with a nightmare or crawls into our bed in the middle of the night, I don't have to worry about what I'm wearing.

BloomingdalesI'm also jonesing to buy these Betsey Johnson Pajamas (Bloomingdale's, $89). There's no reason mama pajamas have to be frumpy, right?

Of course, I'd never wear anything see-through or super-skimpy in front of my children, but I don't believe there's anything wrong with them seeing me in sleepwear that shows I haven't given up on feeling pretty and feminine.

I guess I'm having trouble understanding why anyone (besides very religious types who believe that even a full-coverage slip is immodest) would have a problem with a mom wearing pretty nighties and short pajamas.

Care to enlighten me?

Oh! And if you like what I've showed you, I've got lots more options for you on my sexy sleepwear board over at The Prowl. Check it out!


Images (top to bottom): Victoria's Secret, Soma Intimates, Bloomingdale's

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miche... micheledo

I'd definitely wear the second one, though it is too expensiive for me! Super cute, and I breastfeed. So my kids see my breasts all the time. :)

miche... micheledo

Oops. I meant the third one! :)

nonmember avatar dina

I don't think there's anything wrong with the night attire you pictured. They're full coverage, feminine and beautiful and also In my opinion totally acceptable to sport around the kids! Stop and consider this if your children have ever seen you in a bathing it's alot less coverage than those pj's! Also if you have ever taken your children in public they have all witnessed much less appropriate attire! RELAX LADIES THERE JUST CUTE PJ'S it's not a thong and a bustier!

Karolynn Grace Sackett

I think all of these are amazing! I have a couple cute nightgown slip things, my 2yearold son loves to rub my tummy or back when I wear it because he loves the texture. I do wear a satin robe over them most of the time as well.

britn... britngavin

they're all cute! I'd definitely wear the third set but I prefer to wear  tanks and shorty pj shorts. Can't stand nightgowns they always get all tangled up on me. 

BGarcel BGarcel

My children has seen more skin of their mother at the beach.... so yes I do wear sexy sleepwear in front of my children. There are many that are too sexy for them to see but the examples the author puts forth are completely fine! Some women are way too uptight

Cheryln Kurz

As long as they can't see EVERYTHING, wearing something a little sexy in front of the kids is fine.  Kids should see their mom as beautiful :)

Jessica Hatfield

While I prefer jammie pants and a T-shirt, I see nothing wrong with wearing something light and comfortable to show your husband that you haven't "given up". However, $89 for something to sleep in? Pass. Forever pass. I won't even spend that much on regular clothes. Maybe I'm just cheap. Ain't no tellin'.

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