16 Ridiculous, Annoying Things People Say When You Get Married

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newlyweds drinking champagneAfter being married almost a year to Ryan Reynolds, Blake Lively recently confessed to Lucky magazine that being a newlywed certainly has its bizarro moments. The former Gossip Girl actress said, "I was recently asked how my style has changed since I got married, as if I was living under some sort of dictatorship." Haa, wow, soo crazy! But the sad thing is -- I totally know what she's talking about!

For some baffling, annoying reason, crossing the threshold from single to married seems to open a Pandora's box of weird, random, and downright ridiculous remarks and questions. Here, 16 of some of the most common, annoying, and/or completely crazy ...

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  1. "So ... when are you having kids????" (And any variation on this, like, "When are you going to start trying?" or "Are you pulling the goalie?")
  2. "You're not hyphenating and/or taking his horrible last name, right?"
  3. "Are you still allowed to go out without him?"
  4. "Hey, you know statistics show you have less than a 50 percent chance of this working out, right?"
  5. "He'll make a great first husband!"Annoying_Sayings_Newlyweds
  6. "How's the old ball and chain?"
  7. "Congrats! Your sex life is over!"
  8. "I always thought you'd end up with (fill-in-the-blank person or type of person other than the new husband)."
  9. "Is that true what they say about marriage killing your sex life?"
  10. "You probably already miss the single life, huh?"
  11. "Does your husband let you wear THAT?"
  12. "Why bother exercising/eating right? Now that the wedding's over, you can get fat!"
  13. "Here's the card of a divorce lawyer I know in case it doesn't work out."
  14. "Welcome to the club! Now we can be miserable together."
  15. "Why are you doing your hair/makeup? You've already got 'im!"
  16. "Are you still going to work?" ... (Uh, what year is this again?!)

What's the craziest thing anyone has said to you since being married?

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lmh84 lmh84

My husband and I just got married last year but we've been together for 10. I had an old lady tell me today that the marriage won't last because there's nothing for him to look forward to. She also said we've been living in sin all these years because we had 2 kids out of wedlock. Ugh... we're not in the 1800's old lady... snap out of it!!

SaphireH SaphireH

I got none of those comments but ive always used the whole if gays want to marry and be miserable like the rest of us then who are we to stop them. Btw i am for them i just joke because i don't see the big deal of marriage, im on #2 and it's truly no different than if we had just stayed dating we just now share a bank account and a car payment

LadyKiki LadyKiki

We got married at 18, we heard the "statistically it will not last" a lot. We have been married 11 1/2 years now, been together for 15 years. That was the only one on the list that we ever really heard, but I think people just focused in on our age.

poshkat poshkat

For people like dh and I who are catholic and jewish, it was "when is he converting? "? 10 years of marriage, 12 years of being together and neither of us has converted, gone to synagogue or church. It's not a big deal to us.

I also hate tye assumption that marriage isvthe end of your life and sex. We have way more fun in the bedroom than any of the single people I inow.

nonmember avatar souley

My husband and I have both heard the old '3 rings of marriage' line. "There's the engagement ring, the wedding ring, and the suffeRING...get it?" ...so funny... And I get a bunch a versions of #3 when I'm having a girl's night out at the bar. He didn't care when I went out with out him in the 4 years we were dating, and he doesn't care now, because he trusts me. Some people look at marriage all wrong. It's not a prison sentence!

Profe... ProfessorCoupon

I wish someone would have slipped me a card for a good divorce lawyer when I married my ex, or better yet, I should have held out for someone else & finished my degree, because once I got married, school was thrown out the window...so much better with hubby #2...and no worries about having kids or any of that other stuff, plus I got to finish my schooling :)


a come back..sounds like ur marrage sucks but mine dont .

nonmember avatar rebecca

someone literally asked me one time, so when are you going to get a divorce? someone i wasnt really even friends with. evidently they saw more than what i did because it happened

Tarot Tarot

Nobody that knew me ever dared suggest my ex had any say in what I did. In fact, they probably would have laughed until they peed themselves at the idea.

Ariel Evans

I was engaged to my husband for nearly 4 years before we finally got married....AND we had 19 month old twins. I didn't hear a single one of these when I was getting married. I will admit though that I have made the 'when are you having a baby?' comment to friends in a joking way because I know there is no way they are going to try any time soon. LOL! 

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