Hot Girl Asks Strangers to Have Sex With Her & Gets Some Shockingly Funny Reactions (VIDEO)

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men asking for sexUsually the stereotype of men (even from men themselves) is that they will sleep with just about anything that moves or breathes and fits their sexual persuasion. "Any woman can get laid any time she wants," my husband is fond of telling me even though, I always maintain, it's not entirely true.

In fact, I have heard stories from many men about turning women down. Whether it was because they were too drunk or too forward or they were just plain not that into her, it DOES happen and it happens more often than we like to give men credit for.

A hilarious "social experiment" video in which is a scantily clad, very attractive young woman walks up to random men and asks them for sex, yielded some surprising results. In fact, men are more discerning than it would seem. See below:

Sure, there are the guys who were like: When and where? Now? Cool. But about 50 percent of the men turned her down. Now, part of that is because it was awkward and weird and who on Earth would believe she was for real. But it does seem like a significant portion of the men said no for real reasons.

Their girlfriends were right beside them or because, quite frankly, it's a weird and awkward question. Sure, it might be different if she was in a bar and she was flirting and there was some different context, but by and large, men are not the animals we make them out to be. Even men want to actually know a woman before rubbing intimate body parts together. 

Look, casual sex is fine if you are into it and by all means, carry on and do whatever floats your boat sexually. But most of us want a connection with the people we sleep with on some level. If it's not one that lasts forever, then at least it is chemistry and some basic chase that leads to a one night stand. 

This is just too...  Weird. And I can totally understand why men turned her down.

Are you surprised by these men's reactions?


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Beverly Swift Pony

only because they thought they were being 'set up' possibly a police sting operation, or she was wanting money...

nonmember avatar Mrs. Guernsey

Yes, I'm shocked! I thought all men were total animals who'd sleep w/ anyone anytime.

nonmember avatar REALLY?

Obviously the first guy thought she was a prostitute, bad experiment try at a bar and try when the girlfriend walks away. LIke on Maury when they used to put a decoy in a waiting room with the guy..

nonmember avatar myopinion10

This is sooo stupid. Like Commenter Really? said they should have done it at a bar. I really feel like this doesn't prove anything someone randomly asking you to have sex, you thinking wtf? not hell yeah. A girl flirting with you at a bar and asking you to go home with her, men would jump all over that.

BJ Jones

Girls who put hog rings into the belly are trailer trash.

nonmember avatar Kevin

The problem is it's completely out of place and context. For an attractive woman like that to come up to a random guy on the street and ask for sex... any reasonably intelligent guy is going to have the same questions that people expressed here ... "What's Wrong? Am I going to be robbed? Or worse?" It's like someone calling you up and saying you won $500K in the Nigerian lottery. Would you accept it?

nonmember avatar MarkP

Every guy knows that a "hot looking" woman never needs to go looking for sex, so, yeah - I would have been suspicious enough to say "no" myself. If a deal seems to good to be true...

nonmember avatar Joe

Cold contact on a public street she gets a 50% success rate. In the right venue she could be holding a hand cranked meat grinder and sill find a few guys interested in a "new experience". I'd say she pretty well proved that a woman can have sex any time if she's willing to lower her standards for an acceptable partner far enough.

nonmember avatar glen

I'm going to call B.S. on this "study's" findings. First of all, we live in a society that has to worry about things like AIDs. Commited men would say no, but not without some thought in their heads. If a man said no in this survey, the LIKELIHOOD is that he was thinking "this is too good to be true, I just don't believe it". Not only that, but a woman walking up to a man and offering sex sounds a lot like how prostitutes work. How many guys want to get caught in a hooker/cop sting and get their name in the local newspaper/police blotter?

nonmember avatar klunker rider

If a girl out of the blue solicited me for sex?, if I was still single (married-prime reason no deal) I'd decline also, for the following reasons:
1. its a scam and she has her friends waiting to mug you.
2. she's just found out her philandering ex-boyfriend left her with a flaming crotch STD and she's wants vengeance on philandering men.
3. she's a police officer and its a set up to bust prostitution.
4. she's a hooker and money is going to be demanded at some point, and see reason 1 and 2 for related reasons that can also be resultant from dealing with a hooker.
5. its a NBC special and your going to end up on Primetime.
Not all men are dogs, some of us still don't let the little brain decide for us.

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